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Will There Be a Rugby 5?

The Rugby Series

Samsung has long been a pioneer in the rugged phone genre, in the way of the rugby series. In case you’re not familiar with the term, we will explain what it means when a cellphone is described as rugged. It refers to that extra effort has gone into making the device tougher. Rugged phones are more fit for use by those with jobs in environments that would destroy their phone in weeks. The question is will there be a rugby 5?

Many manufacturers are now building in IP68 compliance (dust and waterproof to 1 meter). Yet this doesn’t add protection against drops, knocks, or other non-smartphone-friendly incidents. So, we have rugged phones. As well as being dust and waterproof, they usually have tougher cases, stronger and better-protected screens, physical buttons, and more. For Samsung, this has long meant the Rugby line of cellphones, but the last model – the Rugby 4 – was released in 2014, so is an update likely?

Other Samsung Rugged Phones

Samsung Rugby 4 at Construction Site

As well as the Rugby 1-4 line, Samsung also released Rugby Smart and Rugby Pro models which more resemble a modern smartphone than the clamshell flip-top of the 1-4 models. Yet even the Smart and Pro were released in 2012. One could be forgiven for thinking Samsung has given up on the line. However, it wouldn’t be the first time a manufacturer has gone long periods before releasing a new model in a particular product range.

The Rugby Pro is the only model in the entire range to be 4G compatible. Both it and the Smart run Android, so do we even need a new version? Well, yes. The Pro and Smart no longer receive Android updates anyway. But, even if they did, the exposed display in particular means they’ll never be as tough as the flip-top Rugby 4.

Can Samsung Surpass the Rugby 4?

Construction Worker Holding Rugby 4

Over the past years, features like 4G, Bluetooth 4.0, wifi, and GPS are standard inclusions on almost all phones. From the above list, the Rugby 4 only lacks 4G.

To keep the rugby 4 up-to-date, all that Samsung would need to do is use newer versions of the components already in the Rugby 4. They’d then have a Rugby 5 on their hands. A better camera, perhaps, more memory and a better processor would be impossible not to upgrade. Especially given that even the cheapest of those components is 5 or 6 generations ahead of what’s in the Rugby 4.

Despite what Apple, and occasionally even Samsung themselves, tell us, not everybody in the US needs or wants a smartphone costing hundreds of dollars. Flip-top phones are still incredibly popular. Rugged models are still a big hit with construction, oil, and other workers in similarly phone-destroying industries. Calls, texts, and emails are all many people need. They often have no desire to figure out how the iPhone or Galaxy S works. They certainly have no desire to pay for a data contract they don’t need. The Rugby 4 already gives all that, but it is starting to show its age just a touch. A refresher device wouldn’t go amiss.

The Rugby 4 phone is one of the best-rugged phones around as it is. With the Rugby 5, it could make people sit up and take notice that there are alternatives to thousand-dollar smartphones.

Watch the Mr Aberthon Samsung Rugby 4 Unboxing Video

Other Rugged Phones

There are a few rugged flip phones on the market similar to the Samsung Rugby 4. If a Rugby 5 is in the works, they would need to also surpass other rugged phones in the market. Here at Mr Aberthon, we want to make sure we offer all the possible options available. Here is a device that should be taken into consideration because the specs are above those of the Rugby 4.

Kyocera DuraXE

Kyocera DuraXE Front Back and Side View

This rugged flip phone gives the Samsung Rugby 4 a run for its money. To start, the Kyocera DuraXE runs the Android operating system that gives it access to the Google Play store. While some people who have a flip phone usually do not use smartphone apps, the option to do so is helpful. The DuraXE comes with 8GB of storage, that can be expanded to 32GB. The device camera is 5MP compared to the Rugby 4’s 3MP.

Will there be a Rugby 5?

Rugby 4 Close up Shot

We predict that, yes, Samsung will eventually come out with a Rugby 5, but it won’t be happening soon. Until the Rugby 4 is heavily outdated, they will probably keep it as the top model in their Rugby Series.

If we had to guess, we would estimate that Samsung may release the rugby 5 in 2020… It’s an estimate based on our experience because in truth there is no way to know.

Until then, we are selling the Rugby 4 at a great price, including free shipping.

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