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Troubleshooting the ZTE Velocity Hotspot

Learn more about the ZTE Velocity Hotspot

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Table of Contents

1 – USB Tethering

2 – Change Wi-Fi information

3 – Connect Devices to Hotspot

4 – View Connected Devices on Hotspot

5 – Data Usage

6 – Guest Wi-Fi

7 – Hide Wi-Fi Username and Password

8 – Adjust Wi-Fi Range

9 – Block Wi-Fi User

10 – Hotspot Information – IMEI, Software Version


1. How to USB tether to your hotspot

  1. Connect the Micro USB wire
    1. Smaller side connects to the device
    2. Larger Side connects to the USB port of your laptop or computer
  2. It will automatically install the appropriate software for the drivers via the hotspot.
    • A computer reboot may be necessary once it is installed.
  3. Once the installation is complete, the hotspot will be available to use without having Wi-Fi. You will be able to reach its contents as well if it has a MicroSD card inserted.
    • Press Settings -> File Sharing -> Share Mode (ensure there is a MicroSD card inserted) -> USB Only


2. How to Change Wi-Fi Information

  1. From the Wi-Fi home screen, press ‘Settings’.
  2. Tap ‘Edit Main Wi-Fi’.
  3. Adjust all the desired information.
  4. Press ‘Apply’.
  5. Tap ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the warning that comes up.
    • It will disconnect all connected devices. They will need to resign up once more to the new network name and password.


3. How to Connect Portable Devices to hotspot

  1. Open the Wi-Fi settings by pressing – Menu -> Settings -> Wi-Fi.
  2. Find and press on the desired hotspot name.
  3. Insert the password.
  4. Press ‘Connect’


4 – How to View the Connected Devices on the Hotspot

  1. Press Wi-Fi on the main screen.
  2. Then press ‘Connected Devices’.
  3. The devices will be displayed.
  4. To view their information, tap on their name.


5 – How to See Data Usage

  1. The Data Usage is visible on the main screen.
  2. Or, do the following:
    1. Press ‘Settings’
    2. Tap ‘Data Usage’
    3. View the usage.
    4. To set a alert when nearing the total, press ‘Data Alert’.
    5. To adjust after how much data usage to get alerted, press the plus and minus icons.
    6. Press ‘Save.


6 – How to Set Up Guest Wi-Fi

  1. Tap ‘Wi-Fi’
  2. Press ‘Guest Wi-Fi Network’
  3. Turn it to the ON position
  4. View the guest Wi-Fi details as well as it’s password.
  5. Press ‘OK’

Guest Wi-Fi is the capability to grant a user a one time access to the hotspot. The password is unique to that time and there can be a cap of how long they can be connected.


7 – How to hide the Wi-Fi Username and Password from the Hotspot’s Main Screen

  1. Press ‘Settings’.
  2. Next, tap ‘Display’.
  3. Tap on ‘Wi-Fi Details on Home’.
  4. Press ‘Hide’.

The details will now be hidden from view on the main screen unless this setting gets undone.


8 – How to Adjust Wi-Fi Range

  1. Press ‘Wi-Fi’.
  2. Tap ‘Wi-Fi Range’.
  3. Adjust the range.

The longer the range, the more battery it will use. Therefore, to save battery power, lower the Wi-Fi signal range.


9 – How to Block a Connect Wi-Fi User

  1. First, Tap on ‘Wi-Fi’.
  2. Then, tap on ‘Connected Devices’.
  3. Next, open the user you desire to block.
  4. Press ‘Block’.


10 – How to See Hotspot Information Such as the IMEI and Software Version

  1. Tap ‘Settings’.
  2. Press ‘About Your Device’.
  3. See wireless number, software version as well as IMEI.

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