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Troubleshooting the Netgear Unite Explore Hotspot

Learn more about the Netgear Unite Explore Hotspot


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Table of Contents

1 – Connect a Portable Device to Wi-Fi

2 – View Connected Devices

3 – View Signal Strength

4 – View Wi-Fi Name and Password

5 – Guest Wi-Fi

6 – USB Tethering

7 – Extending Battery Life

8 – Block or Unblock Devices

9 – See Hotspot Information


1. How to Connect a Portable Device to Wi-Fi

Read the steps to take to connect a smartphone to the hotspots Wi-Fi. For information on your specific device, read its manual.

  1. Open the Wi-Fi settings on the device, via Apps -> Settings -> Wi-Fi.
  2. Enable ‘Wi-Fi’ by on pressing the toggle button.
  3. See available Wi-Fis by pressing on ‘Wi-Fi’.
  4. Find and press on the hotspot name as a Wi-Fi to connect to.
  5. Type in the password to the hotspots Wi-Fi.
  6. Press ‘Connect’ or ‘OK’.


2. How to View the Connected Devices

  1. On the hotspots screen, press ‘Settings’.
  2. Then press ‘Wi-Fi’.
  3. Press ‘Devices’.
  4. View connected devices.


3. How to See Signal Strength and Data Service

  • You may view the signal strength on the upper left corner of the hotspot device’s screen.
  • Next to the signal strength can be found the network’s name that it is connected to.

To turn on or off the Wi-Fi signal:

  1. Press ‘Settings’
  2. Then tap ‘Options’
  3. Press ‘Wi-Fi Signal’
  4. Toggle the bar to the ON or OFF position as desired.


4. How to View the Hotspots Wi-Fi Name and Password

Both the username and password of the device can be found on the main screen. To change them, visit the AT&T Wi-Fi manager while on a connected device.


5. How to Set Up Guest Wi-Fi

To allow a guest to use the Wi-Fi as a one time sign up with a personalized password, see below. It is possible as well to set a limited amount of time for a guest user.

  1. Press ‘Wi-Fi’ while on the home screen.
  2. Toggle on the guest Wi-Fi.
  3. See the guest Wi-Fi name and password.
  4. To edit the two, press on the pencil icon near them.
  5. An automatic password can be generated each time. Press ‘New password each session checkbox.’
  6. To limit the time that a guest can be connect, press ‘Guest Timer’ to turn it on.
  7. Adjust the time.
  8. Toggle the ‘Guest Wi-Fi Timer’ to turn on the feature


6. How to USB Tether to Your Hotspot

Some devices won’t connect via Wi-Fi, yet it is possible to tether them directly to a hotspot to receive data signal. An example of such is a computer which doesn’t have the option to search for Wi-Fi as a laptop or smartphone can.

The downside to tethering is that only one device can connect to the service as you must first turn off Wi-Fi.

  1. Press ‘Settings’
  2. Then press ‘Tethering’
  3. Tap the toggle bar near ‘USB Tethering’ to the ON position.
  4. Connect the wire to the hotspot as well as to the device.


7. How to Extend Hotspot’s Battery Life

Here are some ways to make the most use of your devices battery.

  1. Adjust the screen brightness. Go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Display’ -> ‘Screen Brightness’ -> Adjust the bar.
  2. Shorten the screen time out, by going to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Display’ -> ‘Display Time out’ -> choose a shorter option.
  3. Adjust the Wi-Fi range. Press on ‘Wi-Fi -> ‘Options’ -> ‘Wi-Fi Range’ -> ‘Standard’.
  4. You may also connect less devices as another method to save battery life.


8. How to Block or Unblock Devices From Connecting to the Hotspot

To block a device:

  1. Go to ‘Wi-Fi’.
  2. Press ‘Devices’.
  3. Choose the desired device to block by pressing on it.
  4. Press ‘Block Device’

To unblock a device:

  1. Below the list of connected devices is a button names ‘Blocked Device List’.
  2. Press on the device.
  3. Then press ‘Unblock Device’


9. How to See Hotspot Information

  1. Press on ‘Settings’
  2. Tap ‘About’
  3. Press ‘Device Information’
  4. Here you may see the SIM’s phone number, the IMEI number, Serial Number. The IMEI and Serial number can also be found on the back of the hotspot when you remove the device’s battery.

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