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With the Zebra KT-TC52-1HEZWFC1-NA, a version of the Zebra TC52-HC mobile computer designed to satisfy the demands of dynamic work situations, you can experience increased productivity and dependability.

  • Enjoy a vibrant visual experience on the 5-inch Full HD display.
  • Experience efficient multitasking with the powerful 2.2 GHz Octa-Core Processor.
  • Ensure accurate barcode scanning with the precise SE4710 Red/Amber Imager.
  • Enhance communication with efficient voice capabilities through Workforce Connect (WFC) Voice Standard.
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Product Description

Zebra TC52-HC Overview and Summary

The Zebra KT-TC52-1HEZWFC1-NA, an upgraded version of the Zebra TC52-HC, connects to the internet via WLAN for efficient and quick tasks. Featuring a 5-inch Full HD display, the device ensures clear and sharp visuals on the screen.

This mobile computer operates at high speed, thanks to its 2.2 GHz Octa-Core Processor. Its rapid performance enables seamless multitasking without any device slowdowns. Another standout feature is the SE4710 Red/Amber Imager, which functions as an advanced barcode scanner that ensures precise and efficient barcode scanning, delivering accurate information consistently.

One more thing that makes the Zebra KT-TC52-1HEZWFC1-NA stand out is the Workforce Connect (WFC) Voice Standard. It lets you talk with others easily, which is great for teamwork. And, it comes with a Premium 1-Year License and Extension Manager, making sure you have all the tools you need for a whole year. It’s like having a super device that’s ready for anything!

Reviews of the Zebra TC52-HC

⭐⭐⭐ Connectivity Enhances Productivity: “Our team experiences lightning-fast internet (WLAN), ensuring seamless connectivity and boosting overall productivity. It’s a game-changer that keeps us connected and working efficiently.”

⭐⭐⭐ Clear 5-inch Full HD Display: “The 5-inch Full HD display on the Zebra KT-TC52-1HEZWFC1-NA provides a crystal-clear view, making data and images easily discernible. Upgrading to this device feels like transitioning to a superior and clearer perspective for our daily tasks.”

⭐⭐⭐ Multitasking with 2.2 GHz Octa-Core Processor: “The Zebra KT-TC52-1HEZWFC1-NA GHz Octa-Core Processor is a multitasking marvel, effortlessly handling various operations, ensuring an efficient workflow.

⭐⭐⭐ Barcode Scanning: “Thanks to the SE4710 Red/Amber Imager, the Zebra TC52 HC excels in making barcode scanning both easy and accurate, ensuring seamless and error-free inventory management. With precision as a priority, this feature contributes to the device’s efficiency in handling inventory tasks, streamlining operations for enhanced productivity.”

⭐⭐⭐ Enhanced Communication with WFC: “The Zebra KT-TC52-1HEZWFC1-NA’s Workforce Connect (WFC) Voice Standard feature transforms our team’s communication. It enables clear and efficient voice communication, markedly enhancing coordination and teamwork.”

Popular Accessories

Zebra KT-TC52-1HEZWFC1-NA Scan Handles are popular accessories that enhance the mobile computer’s functionality by providing a comfortable grip and ergonomic design for easy transformation into a handheld scanner. Ideal for tasks like inventory management and data capture, these handles ensure precise scanning while maintaining user comfort. Their popularity is due to the seamless integration they offer, making the Zebra KT-TC52-1HEZWFC1-NA even more versatile across various industries.

Zebra KT-TC52-1HEZWFC1-NA Power Device serves as a crucial backup, providing an extra power source for uninterrupted operation. Its popularity stems from the peace of mind it offers, allowing users to switch out depleted batteries without any downtime. Particularly useful in environments with limited access to charging stations, the Power Device ensures consistent performance throughout the workday, contributing to a comprehensive solution for businesses optimizing their mobile computing experience.

Final Thoughts

The Zebra KT-TC52-1HEZWFC1-NA is an outstanding device that offers impressive features. With a large 5-inch Full HD display, it provides a clear and vibrant viewing experience. Powered by a fast 2.2 GHz Octa-Core Processor, it ensures smooth and efficient performance for demanding tasks. Additionally, it is equipped with precise barcode scanning capabilities, allowing for accurate and reliable scanning of barcodes.

For the best guidance on optimizing your Zebra KT-TC52-1HEZWFC1-NA experience, reach out to Mr Aberthon and speak with their mobile computer experts. Their tailored advice ensures seamless integration into your business operations, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Don’t miss out – contact Mr Aberthon today for expert assistance.

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