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Discover unparalleled efficiency and durability with the Zebra WLMT0-T22B8ABD8-NA, exclusively featured on Mr. Aberthon, a state-of-the-art mobile computing solution that redefines the standards of field work through its advanced features and the reliable Zebra TC22 design.

  • Large Display and Storage
  • Advanced Connectivity
  • Enhanced Imaging and Communication
  • High-Performance Scanning
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Product Description

Zebra TC22 Overview and Summary

The Zebra WLMT0-T22B8ABD8-NA is a special version of the Zebra TC22, and it’s really impressive because of its modern features. One of the coolest things about it is that it has Wi-Fi 6. This means you can connect to the internet super fast and it’s really reliable too. This is great when you need to use the internet a lot for work, especially when you’re moving around. It also has a big 6-inch display, which makes it easy to see everything clearly. And with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, it can handle lots of apps and data without slowing down.

This device is also amazing for taking pictures and scanning things. It has a 16MP camera on the back and a 5MP camera on the front. This is really handy for taking photos of items or video chatting. Plus, it can scan both 1D and 2D barcodes, which is super useful for keeping track of items in a store or warehouse. It’s really easy to use for scanning because of the SE4710 scanner it has. This scanner is fast and accurate, so it makes your work much quicker.

Another great thing about the Zebra WLMT0-T22B8ABD8-NA is all the different ways it can connect to other devices. It has NFC (Near Field Communication), which lets you share data just by putting it close to another NFC-enabled device. It also has Bluetooth for connecting to wireless devices like headphones or printers. Comes with a USB-C port, which is the newest type of USB, and lets you charge the device or connect it to a computer really easily. The device even has a special 8-pin back I/O, which is great for connecting to other types of equipment. Plus, it comes with a standard battery that supports BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), so it lasts a long time without needing a charge. All these features make the Zebra WLMT0-T22B8ABD8-NA an impressive and versatile tool for anyone who needs a powerful mobile device for their work.

Popular Accessories

The Zebra WLMT0-T22B8ABD8-NA mobile computer is enhanced by a variety of accessories designed to boost its efficiency and usability in various settings. One essential accessory is the Zebra CBL-TC5X-USBC2A-01, a USB-C to USB-A communications and charging cable. This cable is vital for not only charging the device but also for transferring data between the Zebra WLMT0-T22B8ABD8-NA and other devices, such as computers. It’s a must-have for keeping the device powered up and for ensuring smooth data synchronization. Another crucial accessory is the Zebra CBL-DC-388A1-01 DC Line Cord. This cord is particularly useful for powering the device in different environments, providing flexibility and convenience in charging, especially when on the move.

In terms of docking and battery management, the Zebra MOD-MT2-EU1-01 Docks & Cradles and the Zebra BTRY-TC2L-2XMAXX-01 Standard Power Precision Li-On Battery are incredibly popular. The dock and cradle offer a secure and convenient place to store and charge the TC22, ensuring that the device is always ready for use. The high-capacity lithium-ion battery provides extended usage time, making it ideal for long shifts or continuous fieldwork. For enhanced handling and ergonomics, the Zebra SG-TC2L-HSTRP1-01 hand strap and the Zebra TRG-TC2L-SNP1-01 Trigger Handle are indispensable. The hand strap offers a comfortable and secure grip on the device, reducing the risk of accidental drops, while the trigger handle is perfect for intensive scanning tasks, providing a natural and comfortable way to scan items continuously without strain. These accessories collectively transform the Zebra TC22 into a more powerful, efficient, and user-friendly device, tailored to the demanding needs of various professional environments.

Final Thoughts

The Zebra WLMT0-T22B8ABD8-NA stands out as an incredible device, combining a compact design with powerful features essential for efficient mobile computing. With its durable construction, versatile barcode scanning capabilities, and user-friendly Android operating system, the Zebra WLMT0-T22B8ABD8-NA 2 is ideal for businesses looking to streamline operations. Its compact form factor and robust features make it a reliable companion for various industries, from retail and hospitality to field service.

For those considering the Zebra WLMT0-T22B8ABD8-NA, reaching out to Mr Aberthon and consulting with a mobile computer expert is highly recommended. Mr Aberthon’s expertise ensures personalized guidance on optimizing the TC22’s features, selecting the right accessories, and tailoring the device to specific business needs. Their knowledgeable team can provide valuable insights, making the acquisition and use of the Zebra WLMT0-T22B8ABD8-NA a seamless and informed experience for users across different sectors.

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