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Discover the Zebra RTL10C0-0B42S1X, a tailored version of the Zebra L10ax, available exclusively through Mr. Aberthon to meet your mobile computing requirements.

  • 10.1-inch Active 1000 Nit Display
  • Windows 10 Pro, 11th Gen i7 vPro, 16GB RAM, 256GB PCIe SSD
  • Wi-Fi, Serial Port, Fingerprint Reader, Front & Rear Cameras, NFC
  • IP65 Rating
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Product Description

Zebra L10ax Overview and Summary

The Zebra RTL10C0-0B42S1X is a really cool device with lots of great features. First, it has a 10.1-inch screen that’s super bright, so you can see everything clearly, even in really sunny places. This makes it great for working outside or in places with lots of light.

It also runs on something called Windows 10 Pro, which means it can do lots of different things, just like a regular computer. Inside, it’s super fast and powerful with an i7 vPro processor, 16GB of memory, and a big 256GB storage. This means it can do things quickly and store lots of apps and files.

Another awesome thing is that it can connect to Wi-Fi, just like your phone or computer at home. It even has a special port called a serial port for connecting to other devices. It also has a fingerprint reader to keep your stuff safe and cameras on the front and back for taking pictures and doing video calls. It’s really tough too, with something called an IP65 rating, so it can handle dust and water without getting hurt. Plus, it comes with a 3-year warranty, so if something goes wrong, you can get it fixed. All these cool features make the Zebra RTL10C0-0B42S1X a great device for many different jobs.

Popular Accessories

Zebra RTL10C0-0B42S1X Cables, Connectors, and Adapters enhance its functionality and versatility. These accessories make it easy to connect the device to other equipment, like printers or scanners, allowing seamless data transfer and enhancing its capabilities. Whether you need to connect to other devices in the field or in an office setting, these cables, connectors, and adapters provide convenience and flexibility, ensuring you can complete your tasks efficiently.

Zebra RTL10C0-0B42S1X Keyboards and Front Panels. These accessories can transform your Zebra L10ax into a more versatile and user-friendly tool. The keyboard allows for quick and accurate data input, which can be crucial for tasks that involve a lot of typing. Front panels provide added protection for the device’s screen and can make it easier to navigate and interact with the device, especially in harsh or rugged environments. Whether you’re working in logistics, manufacturing, or any field where data entry and protection are essential, these accessories are popular choices to enhance your Zebra L10ax experience.

Final Thoughts

The Zebra RTL10C0-0B42S1X is a remarkable device. Its 10.1-inch super bright screen is great for outdoor use, and it’s fast with Windows 10 Pro, a strong processor, 16GB RAM, and ample storage. With Wi-Fi, cameras, and durability, it’s perfect for work.

For the best Zebra RTL10C0-0B42S1X experience, talk to Mr. Aberthon’s experts. They know all about it and can help you make it work just right for you. Don’t miss this chance to get the most out of your device – reach out to them for expert help.

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