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Introducing the Mr Aberthon Unitech PA768-QA00TMDG, a specialized variation of the Unitech PA768 mobile computer, tailored for exceptional performance and functionality in diverse professional environments.

  • Features a high-performance 2D barcode scanner (Honeywell N6703) for precise data capture.
  • Runs on the latest Android 12 operating system, ensuring a modern and intuitive user interface.
  • Designed for batch processing, making it ideal for various industries and applications.
  • Includes a pre-installed bumper and hand strap, as well as essential accessories such as a battery, USB cable, and power adapter for added convenience.
  • Important Note: For bulk orders, we will PRICE MATCH ANYONE ELSE IN THE INDUSTRY. Send us a message and we will respond within one business hour.

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Product Description

Unitech PA768 Overview and Summary

The Unitech PA768-QA00TMDG, a special version of the Unitech PA768, is a really cool device for many reasons. It has a super powerful 2D barcode scanner called the Honeywell N6703, which is like a super-smart camera that can quickly read barcodes. This makes it great for businesses and industries that need to scan and collect data.

It also runs on the Android 12 operating system, which is similar to what many people have on their smartphones. This means it’s easy to use and has a modern interface. The device is made for batch processing, which is like doing lots of tasks all at once. It’s like a superhero for businesses because it can handle many tasks quickly and efficiently.

Plus, it comes with a pre-installed bumper and hand strap, making it sturdy and easy to carry around. It also includes essential accessories like a battery, USB cable, and power adapter, so you have everything you need right out of the box. Overall, the Unitech PA768-QA00TMDG is an impressive device for businesses and industries that need to scan and manage lots of information efficiently.

Popular Accessories

Unitech PA768-QA00TMDG Hand Strap is commonly used with the Unitech PA768 to enhance its usability. The hand strap helps users securely hold the device while working, reducing the risk of accidental drops. This is especially important in busy workplaces where the device is constantly in use. It ensures that the device remains firmly attached to the user’s hand, providing peace of mind and improved efficiency.

Unitech PA768-QA00TMDG Fast Charge Adaptor, which allows users to quickly recharge the device’s battery. In fast-paced environments, having a reliable and efficient charging solution is crucial to minimize downtime. The fast charge adaptor ensures that the Unitech PA768 is ready for action in no time, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and productivity. These accessories are valuable additions that enhance the overall functionality and convenience of the Unitech PA768.

Final Thoughts

The Unitech PA768 is an impressive device with a powerful 2D barcode scanner, Android 12 for easy use, and batch processing to get tasks done quickly. It’s like a superhero for businesses that need efficient barcode scanning. Plus, it comes with all the essential accessories you need, so you’re ready to go from the beginning.

To get the most from your Unitech PA768, talk to Mr. Aberthon’s experts. They know it well and can help you make the most of it. Don’t miss out—reach out to them today and unlock their full potential with their guidance.

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