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Mr Aberthon is proud to introduce the Sonim RT80, a fully-rugged 8″ tablet. Sonim has created a light weight tablet that is able to preform in the toughest of industries. The RT80 is sunlight readable, glove friendly and chemical resistant. Streamline communication with programmable buttons and this rugged tablet is Push-to-talk ready.

Product Highlights:

  • High-bandwith 4G LTE
  • High-Capacity multi-shift battery
  • Gorilla glass 3
  • Water proof
  • Drop proof

Mr Aberthon is the Certified Redistributor of this device. When purchased from Mr Aberthon, this Sonim RT80 comes with a 2 year comprehensive warranty.

Product Description

Rugged mobile computers offer greater value in the long-term, eliminating the need for regular repair and replacement. Sonim RT80 provides business owners with a portable working station that withstands the rigors of the harshest working environments. Plus, it’s equipped with industry-dedicated functionality.

The RT80 runs on Android 10, a contemporary and versatile operating system. The interface is likely familiar to most of your employees and can be tailored to your workflow. Like a proper tablet, the RT80 offers numerous connectivity options and multimedia features for easy data transfer and communication. But what makes Sonim RT80 truly unique is the ultra-rugged build, multi-shift battery, and eight-inch vivid screen.

Sonim RT80 Full Review

Sonim is a pioneer in the rugged device industry, constantly introducing innovative solutions to improve workflow. The company produces communication devices and industrial-scale software tailored to the needs of specific industries since 1999. Based in Austin, Texas, Sonim creates reliable US-designed and assembled appliances that will serve you for years to come.

Sonim’s latest product, the RT80, was introduced in June 2021 as an addition to the recently launched Sonim RS60 and RS80. It’s one of Sonim’s first tablets, featuring an eight-inch full HD screen with Gorilla Glass protection. This device is a reliable companion for professionals working in demanding environments, created with durability and technological progress in mind. Unlike the nearly identical RS80, the RT80 lacks a barcode scanner, offering great savings for business owners who don’t need this feature.

Operating System and Software

The Sonim RT80 runs on the familiar Android 10 operating system. It has an intuitive, highly customizable interface with advanced privacy controls to keep your data safe. A built-in focus mode eliminates unnecessary distractions during work shifts.

The device is equipped with a powerful Qualcomm MSM8953 Pro chip to handle any professional software. Four gigabytes of RAM memory allow for excellent multitasking.

Pre-uploaded SonimSCOUT technology eases device management, enabling you to connect and configure multiple Sonim devices at once. Additionally, Sonim RT80 runs any applications compatible with Android devices.

With Sonim Setup Wizard, you don’t have to opt for professional help. The application guides you through the whole setup process, eliminating the errors associated with manual device customization and saving time on setting up multiple devices individually. Thanks to Kiosk Mode, you can remove non-work distractions by customizing the interface look and access to apps.

Sonim has a software solution dedicated to any industry, be it healthcare, public safety, transportation, construction, hospitality, and others. All SonimWare applications are seamlessly compatible with the RT80 and other Sonim devices, ensuring your team can stay connected and instantly share data across devices.


Sonim RT80 provides versatile connectivity options, including Bluetooth 4.2, dual-band Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, LTE, and GSM. This enables easy and efficient data transfer and internet access regardless of your location. Built-in compass, gyro, and barometer will be appreciated by a range of professionals who use these tools daily.


Battery life is crucial for field workers. That’s why Sonim RT80 is equipped with a powerful multi-shift 8200mAh battery. Furthermore, the battery is removable. If a replacement is purchased, the device’s life can be significantly prolonged. Sonim RT80 supports Quick Charge 3.0 via USB-C cable. The wall charger included in the set fully powers the device in under 2.5 hours.

Communication and Multimedia

Sonim RT80 is the perfect device for professionals working in loud environments with its 95-decibel rear speaker. The microphone features noise cancelation, ensuring clear communication. As a modern mobile computer should, Sonim RT80 has two high-resolution cameras to easily capture necessary work information or participate in video calls. A dedicated push-to-talk button converts the tablet into a walkie-talkie, speeding up communication with colleagues. Thanks to high-capacity external memory support of up to 256 gigabytes, you can store all your work-related files on a single device.

Build and Display

While Sonim RT80’s technical characteristics are impressive, what first draws attention is the build. This device features ultra-rugged construction holding MIL-STD-810 military-grade certification. It withstands bumps, drops to concrete from six feet height, shocks, and vibrations without significant problems. The device can also be fully submerged in liquids, including chemicals. This tablet can be safely sanitized with bleach or isopropyl alcohol. The RT80 is fully operational in temperatures from -4 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. The safe storage temperature is even more impressive, ranging from -40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. Such a powerful build, however, results in a slightly above-average weight of 22 ounces. Programmable shortcut buttons enable instant access to most-used functions.

Finally, Sonim RT80 is equipped with an eight-inch large display covered with Gorilla Glass 3 for ultimate protection. It remains readable even under direct sunlight and responds to glove and wet-finger touch. Full HD resolution and anti-fingerprint coating ensure vivid and crisp pictures even if you carry the device with dirty hands.

What’s in the Box

The device comes in a set with a battery, wall charger with UK, US, EU, or ANZ plug of your choice, USB-C cable, and a hand strap for safe carrying. A two-year limited liability manufacturer warranty makes Sonim RT80 a smart long-term investment in worker comfort and efficiency.


In this section, we’ll strive to answer any questions you may have regarding the Sonim RT80’s functionality.

What Is the Difference Between Sonim RS80 and Sonim RT80?

The Sonim RS80 and RT80 may seem identical at first. However, the RT80 is a simpler solution for professionals who don’t need barcode scanning functionality. The RS80 is equipped with an integrated scanning engine that supports both 1D and 2D barcodes, offering high-speed, low-error data capturing. Its continuous scan function rapidly captures multiple barcodes after a single press of a dedicated button. The lack of this single yet innovative feature provides business owners who don’t need it with significant savings. Meanwhile, you still get all the best features the Sonim RS80 has to offer.

Is SonimWare Software Pre-Installed on Sonim RT80?

Sonim provides a broad spectrum of industry-oriented software solutions, but most professionals don’t need all of them. Hence, the RT80 comes with pre-installed SonimScout only.

The Setup Wizard function eases the device setup and configuration process, reducing human mistakes and saving time on individual management of every device. In other words, you can link all Sonim devices in your company through a single digital solution and manage them remotely. With the SafeGuard feature, you can gain total control over all apps used by your workers and optimize devices solely for work-related applications. App Updater lets you install and update apps on company devices remotely. Finally, the Kiosk Mode lets you simplify the interface look, tailoring it to your workflow and reducing distractions.

Other SonimWare software can be installed separately. The Sonim Setup Wizard will help you to configure the applications correctly and tailor them accordingly.

What Is SonimWare SOS?

SonimWare SOS is a software solution dedicated to public safety professionals. The application can be installed on the RT80, enabling industry workers to alert colleagues about danger with a single button press. You can set custom emergency contacts, instantly share location data, and tailor safety features on every company device individually.

Which Accessories Are Available for the Sonim RT80?

Sonim produces numerous original accessories compatible with the RT80, though some third-party options are also available. A powerful 8000mAh battery replacement is meant to prolong the device’s life. Selection of premium holsters and cases made from leather bonded with polymer ensure the utmost durability and easy portability. For even better communication, RT80 is compatible with headsets and remote speakers. Naturally, the brand also offers various cables and chargers, including those supporting Quick Charge technology. Energy Electronics experts can help you to select suitable accessories for competitive prices.

Customer Reviews

“I’ve purchased a dozen of these tablets for my business recently and couldn’t be happier. The battery life is excellent, even an extra battery is not needed. My workers work in extreme heat where most devices start to overheat and lag. This tablet works smoothly no matter the temperature.”

“I wanted to get the RS80 but didn’t want to overpay for a feature I don’t need, that is, the barcode scanner. Bought the RT80 as soon as it launched and am satisfied so far. I found the interface customization surprisingly useful. I sometimes have difficulty focusing on work tasks and now can limit the functionality to only support my work apps.”

“Great tablet overall. It isn’t the most compact and lightweight device but that’s understandable with such a construction. The interface is almost identical to my Android phone, which I love.”

Fieldwork Essentials

Sonim RT80 has little to no competition for professionals within the construction, public safety, and field service industries. Energy Electronics is a certified reseller of Sonim products. Contact us directly for a consultation or to request a quote. We always strive to offer the best prices on bulk orders and advise on the most suitable device for your business.

Additional Information

4G LTE Bands/Frequencies

B1, B2, B28a, B3, B12 (700 ac), B13 (700 c), B20 (800 DD), B25 (1900+), B26 (850+), B38 (TD 2600), B39 (TD 1900+), B40 (TD 2300), B41 (TD 2500), B5 (850), B66 (1700/2100), B7 (2600), B8 (900)

Android Operating System

Battery Power

Charging Port Type



Fast Charging


Front Camera Resolution

5 MP



Internal Memory



MicroSD Card Slot

Rear Camera Resolution

13 MP

Resolution Size

Rugged Level

IP67 compliant, MIL-810G

Screen Size

Removable Battery



Brand New

Unlocked Status


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