Samsung EB-BG530BBU Replacement Battery 2600mAh


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Mr.Abethon has the Samsung EB-BG530BBU genuine OEM replacement battery for the Galaxy Grand Prime, J5, and the Galaxy J3! Down below is a full list of compatible phones for the EB-BG530BBU replacement battery. If your phone is losing charge quickly, a replacement lithium-ion battery will do the trick.

Product Highlights:

  • 2600mAh capacity
  • 9.88Wh
  • 3.8V
  • Rechargeable


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Product Description

Mr Aberthon now offering the Samsung EB-BG530BBU genuine OEM replacement battery. Always keep a spare battery around to make sure you always stay connected no matter what. A new battery can help restore your phone to its initial performance. 


  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 3.8V
  • 9.88Wh
  • Charge voltage 4.35V
  • 2600mAh capacity

Compatible Phones for the Samsung EB-BG530BBU

  • Galaxy Grand Prime 
    • G530F
    • G530FZ
    • G530Y
    • G530H
    • G530FZ/DS
  • Samsung J3
    • SM-J320H
    • SM-J3109
    • SM-J320FN
    • SM-J320P
    • SM-J320F
    • SM-J320M
    • SM-J320Y
    • SM-J320A
    • SM-J320G
    • SM-J327T1
    • SM-J320V
    • SM-J320YZ
    • SM-J320W8
    • SM-J320ZN
    • SM-J320N0
  • Samsung J5 
    • SM-J500F
    • SM-J500G
    • SM-J500FN
    • SM-J500Y
    • SM-J500M
    • J500S
    • SM-J500H
    • SM-J5007
    • J5
    • SM-J500N0
    • SM-J5008

Conditioning the battery

We recommend prepping your battery when it arrives in the mail! It will make sure you get the best performance out of your new battery. First, completely drain the battery. Then, charge the battery to its full capacity. Complete this 3 times and the battery will be all set!

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