Netgear Unite Explore

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Mr Aberthon is excited to add the Netgear Unite Explore to our solid collection of unlocked mobile hotspots. This rugged hotspot is brand new and is covered by the Mr Aberthon warranty.

We give this hotspot our top score of 9.9/10.

Please note that the price of $199 is a temporary sale and will soon return to its usual price of $299.

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About the Netgear Unite Explore

Portable Wifi hotspots are fast becoming the go to solution for travel overseas. Why replace the SIM in your phone and risk not being able to take an important call, not to mention paying extortionate roaming charges from your carrier when you read an email or two, when you can add a local SIM card and pay local charges?

“Ah but”, I hear you say, “Mobile devices are notoriously fragile. I can look after my phone, but I’m not sure about adding more risk”. Well, let us take the worry of the robustness away with the Netgear Unite Explore.

It’s built to Military grade specifications for things like shock and water protection, without sacrificing a single feature that you’d expect to see from such a device.

Also, the Unite Explore is compatible with ATT (At&t) and T-mobile (and many other GSM networks) throughout the USA. Please feel free to reach out to our customer service and they will tell you if this mobile hotspot device is compatible with your network.

Rugged? How So?

Rugged, as in, not delicate.

The Unite Explore complies with the Mil-STD 810G standard, which means it’ll survive being dropped onto a hard floor, being submersed in up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes, is dustproof, able to withstand extreme temperatures and much more.

You can basically turn the Unite Explore on, throw it in your bag and forget about it until you turn it off. It’s also small enough to fit in your pocket, without the worry of damage when banging against a table corner or sitting down. Seriously, there’s no bendy-iPhone problem going on here.

But Is Ruggedy Only Skin Deep?

Not in this case.  Along with being as tough as Jack Reacher (the literary one, not the Tom Cruise version), you get 22hrs battery life and Up to 576 hours on standby, time-limited guest access, parental control filters, the ability to connect up to 15 different devices and a Battery Boost feature to charge your phone/tablet on the go from the battery in the Unite Explore.

You need more? How about USB 3.0, WiFi Technology AC1200, 4G LTE Advanced Cat 9 + 2X Carrier Aggregation, global compatibility, full color touchscreen, cable tethering? And all in a device that weighs less than 5 ounces. If you’re wondering how heavy that is, it’s about the same as a double espresso, without the cup.

And you don’t even need to write your name on it*

*A little coffee drinker’s joke there.

There Must Be A Catch

Well, yes, there is.

In the box, you only get a carry case, a user guide and all the cables you need to charge the device or transfer power to your phone. There’s no lamp to rub and get three wishes, there’s no solution to global warming and there’s no guarantee that the Cubs will ever win a world series a.

Sorry about that.




AT&T, Metro PCS, T-Mobile

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