Motorola Moto E 4th Gen (Unlocked, Used)

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Mr. Aberthon is proud to present the Moto E 4th Gen. This phone has a fingerprint scanner placed on the bottom front bezel. In addition, Motorola decided to go with a slightly smaller phone, which makes it easier to hold than some of the bigger smartphones.

The Moto E 4th Gen is unlocked to all GSM networks. It is covered by our Mr. Aberthon 14-day return policy, no questions asked.

Product Highlights:

  • Unlocked to GSM-Supported Carriers
  • 16GB Internal Memory
  • Screen size is 5″
  • Display is 720p
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Product Description

The Motorola Moto E 4th Gen smartphone is an excellent choice for those on a budget. It’s also a great backup option if you need a temporary smartphone.

Motorola Moto E 4th Gen Noteworthy Features

For a phone released in 2017, the Moto E 4th Gen still holds up against other budget devices. It has a bright 5-inch display for your video-streaming needs. The screen is made of Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which can resist scratches.

The Moto E 4th Gen is splashproof thanks to advanced nano-coating to protect delicate electronics from water damage. It can handle a light rain, spilled liquids, and moderate splashing. However, it’s not a good idea to submerge it, as it isn’t waterproof.

The rear camera has an eight MP autofocus lens, while the front or selfie camera has five MP. Both cameras function well even in low-light conditions.

Motorola Moto E 4th Plus Specs

The Motorola Moto E 4th Gen smartphone measures 5.69” x 2.8” x 0.4”, perfectly fitting into pockets and pouches.

Due to being an unlocked phone, any SIM card will work on it, including GSM or CDMA networks.

Sixteen GB of internal memory is included with the phone. If that’s not enough, there’s a MicroSD slot that accepts cards up to 128GB.

The cameras are rated for 8MP and 5MP, with the rear camera can take videos up to a decent 720p30FPS.

As for the battery, the Moto E 4th Gen has a 2,800mAh capacity. However, it’s a removable design, allowing users to carry along extras if there aren’t any power outlets around.

Finally, the Moto E 4th Gen supports Bluetooth 4.2. This connectivity allows you to link speakers or earbuds for louder audio.

Fingerprint Reader

Instead of entering a PIN or tracing a pattern, the Moto E 4th Gen has a fingerprint sensor. It can be found on the phone’s back with the Motorola logo.

The fingerprint sensor is a much faster option than other security systems. It’s also harder to crack, as you can’t duplicate fingerprints easily.

Headphone Jack

Due to being an older phone, the Moto E 4th Gen has a headphone jack, a feature that devices in 2021 mostly lack. If you enjoy using wired headphones for listening to music, you can keep the charging port free. You can charge and use the headphone jack simultaneously as well.


What Port Does This Phone Use?

The Moto E 4th Gen has a Micro-USB port, as USB-C ports weren’t prevalent in 2017. The good news is that any Micro-USB cable will function with it.

Will It Work Outside the US?

This phone will accept all SIM cards, even from other countries.

Will This Phone Support Fast Charging?

The answer is yes, as the box includes a 10W charger by default.

Customer Reviews

“For this price, this phone is pretty good.”

“The phone’s quite tough; keys in my pocket don’t even scratch the screen.”

“I never knew a phone like this could compete with my better models.”

Additional Information



Android Operating System

Battery Power

Fingerprint Sensor


Screen Size

Front Camera Resolution

5 MP

Rear Camera Resolution

8 MP

Resolution Size

Internal Memory

16 GB

Phone Style

Charging Port Type

Micro USB 2.0



Removable Battery



Slightly Used

Unlocked Status



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