Dual USB Charger with Micro USB Cable


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Mr Aberthon is offering the Dual OEM Wall Charger and Micro USB Cable. This dual charger is perfect for traveling to charge up all your devices at the same time.

Product Highlights:

  • Dual Charger model number SPN5791A
  • OEM cable model number SKN5004A
  • 5V / 1.15A
  • 1150mA
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Product Description

If you lost your Motorola charger, look no further for a replacement. This Dual USB Charger comes with one Micro-USB cable. You can replenish two devices at once without fear of slow charging or damage.

Its official designation is the Motorola Dual Port SPN5689 Charger, produced by the brand to ensure a high-quality standard.

Dual USB Charger Noteworthy Features

Having only one USB port on your phone charger isn’t the best if you own several devices. While most charging bricks that come with your smartphone are like this, you don’t have to settle for a third-party charger that may have dubious quality control. Motorola manufactures this in-house to exacting standards.

Thus, you can rely on the charger to keep your Motorola phone charged efficiently. Thanks to some safety measures built into the brick, it’s also excellent at keeping your devices intact.

The package includes one USB-A to Micro USB cable. However, if you have extra wires, even USB-A to USB-C, there should be no problems charging your devices.

Motorola Dual USB Charger Specs

This charger measures 5.4 x 3.1 x 1.1 inches. While it can fit into a pocket, its bulkier construction lends it towards storage in a backpack or handbag. Weighing at 1.59 ounces, it will barely make a difference in a packed bag.

The input voltage is 100-240V, allowing you to charge your device when traveling to other countries. However, you may need to purchase a travel adapter to use foreign power outlets. The output voltage is rated at 5.1V – 750mA.

Surge Protection

Charging two devices at once is convenient, but you may feel that doing so is risky. Fortunately, Motorola implemented some protective measures against power surges and overcharging. Within the unit are IC chips that stand vigilant to protect your devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is the Included USB Cable?

The included USB cable is about three feet long. You can charge your phone using a wall outlet while relaxing on the couch or your bed. If that’s not enough, you can replace it with an extended cable.

Does It Charge Two Devices Quickly?

As the charger has a high output voltage shared between two ports, both devices should be charged at similar speeds. This approximation doesn’t consider other factors, such as fast charging, but you can trust it to recharge your batteries evenly and reliably.

Can You Fold the Prongs?

Thanks to the folding prongs, the charger won’t snag on objects when you pack it tightly with other things. When folded, the charging brick becomes a relatively uniform cube.

Customer Reviews

“This charger lasted me more than two years.”

“I never knew that charging two phones at once was convenient, and I can’t go back anymore.”

“For this price, I expected something that would break easily or wouldn’t work at all. I was wrong, and it’s a solid little brick.”

Additional Information

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Micro USB

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