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The LG X Power is another great looking smartphone from the leaders in aesthetic technology beauty. Mid-priced and high-speced, the LG X Power takes some beating in both looks and performance.

Fully covered by our unrivaled 14 Day Returns Policy, and fully unlocked for any network worldwide, the LG X Power achieved a Mr Aberthon ranking of 9.7/10.

Product Highlights

  • Unlocked to AT&T, T-Mobile and Select Prepaid GSM Supported Carriers (Please call your network provider for further assistance to confirm its compatibility.)
  • 16GB internal memory, expandable up to another 256GB
  • Speed Charging
  • Huge battery of 4100 mAh


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Product Description

For the record, we’re big fans of the way LG put phones together. Their designers don’t just cram the great hardware into any old case. Instead they apply a little thought and come up with great-looking smartphones time after time. At the larger end of smartphone design, but stopping short of creeping into phablet territory, the X Power feels solid and secure. It sits comfortable in the hand and, even though it may feel a little big if you are coming from a much smaller phone, it soon becomes natural. 5.86 x 2.95 x 0.31 inches in size, and yet weighing just 4.9oz, the LG X Power is a technical marvel. The average weight of a smartphone is around 5.5oz, and yet LG have somehow managed to shave over 20% off that average for the X Power.

The 5.3″ display covers almost 70% of the front face, which is bigger than all but the “edge” devices that are around. The display itself is protected from daily bumps and knocks by Corning Gorilla Glass. Multi Touch is also built in, so complex swipes can be achieved easily.

LG X Power Hardworking Hardware

The X Power has a 1.3GHz, Quad-Core processor designed to take just about anything thrown at it in a day. The dedicated graphics processor also helps with the heavy lifting in movies and when gaming.

Wifi 802.11 b/g/n with WiFi Direct and hotspot, together with Bluetooth 4.1 make connections a breeze. A-GPS with Glonass means ultra-accurate location services for navigation or just checking in on Facebook. There’s even an FM radio built-in.

The latest NFC version allows you to transfer data wirelessly to another NFC-enabled phone simply by holding them together. If you need a backup quickly, this is one way to do it.

Visibly Better

One of the standout features of the LG X Power is the camera setup. An amazing 8MP rear camera with LED Flash, autofocus, geo-tagging, and face detection means quality images. The 5MP front camera also produces stunning quality pictures. Not only that, but it can also take a selfie without you touching a single button. Just by holding the phone where it can see your face, the camera will recognize the view. It will then take a picture automatically with your face perfectly in focus.

Video can be recorded at 1080p FullHD resolution, great for viewing on the HD display.

X Power X 2

We’ve saved one of the biggest surprises for last. Smartphone batteries have been getting bigger, but still only average around 2500mAh. The X Power not only breaks the 3000mAh limit, but even sails past the 4000mAh point. This means all-day power and then some. It’s just about the highest capacity battery outside the tablet device market.

Not only does the X Power carry tons of power, but it also doesn’t take all day to charge either. With fast Charging, LG has made it possible to fully charge the X Power in just 2.5 hours. For a battery this size, that is a remarkable achievement.

It All Adds Up

Not to a high price, but a very, very good smartphone. If your wallet doesn’t run to the several hundred dollars for one of the flagship models, this is the next best thing. The LG X Power looks great, performs amazingly, and has that huge battery to keep you going. You will be impressed, no doubt about it.

Additional Information

Weight0.306 lbs
Dimensions5.86 × 2.95 × 0.31 in

Carrier Branding


, ,

Model Number


Phone Style

Android Operating System

Screen Size

Internal Memory

16 GB

MicroSD Card Slot

Resolution Size


2G Bands/Frequencies

B2 (1900), B3 (1800), B5 (850), B8 (900)

3G Bands/Frequencies

B1 (2100), B2 (1900 PCS), B5 (850), B8 (900)

4G LTE Bands/Frequencies

B12 (700 ac), B2 (1900 PCS), B4 (1700/2100 AWS 1), B5 (850)

Supports Carrier Bands

AT&T up to 4G LTE, Metro-PCS up to 4G LTE, T-Mobile up to 4G LTE

Battery Power

Fast Charging


Charging Port Type

Micro USB



Fingerprint Sensor


Front Camera Resolution

5 MP

Rear Camera Resolution

13 MP

Rugged Level

Gorilla Glass

Removable Battery


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