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Mr.Aberthon now carries the Kazuna eTalk KAZ-F019 flip phone. Perfect for people who want a simple mobile phone for calls, quick texts, and the occasional photo. The Kazuna eTalk is a lightweight senior-friendly cellphone and perfect as a child’s first phone. The eTalk KAZ-F019 has a 1500mAh capacity battery and gives 8.4 hours of battery life.

Product Highlights:

  • Hearing Aid Compatible M4/T4
  • Qualcomm MSM8909
  • b/g/n (2.4GHz)
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Product Description

If you don’t like smartphones or want to get a flip phone for someone, the Kazuna eTalk might be the solution to all your problems. It has the classic flip design that is coming back into style. What’s more, this phone is extremely user-friendly, capable of performing all the basic functions.

Kazuna eTalk Specifications

This flip phone is only 113 x 58 x 17 millimeters, or 4.45 x 2.28 x .67 inches. It’s also fairly lightweight, at only 391 grams or 3.8 ounces, so it can fit right into your hand. It features the AOSP operating system, with the Qualcomm MSM8909 chipset and the 1.1GHz Quad-Core processor.

The Kazuna eTalk has a rear-facing camera with 2MP and LED flash. It doesn’t feature a front camera. When it comes to capacity, this phone has 4GB of internal storage, which can be expanded with a microSD card of up to 32GB. Since this isn’t a smartphone, camera resolution and storage aren’t prioritized in terms of performance.

Kazuna eTalk Features

Made by Japanese manufacturers, the Kazuna eTalk is a durable device. In fact, it can even withstand being dropped, since it won’t shatter as easily as smartphones.

The eTalk has two screens. The main screen is an impressive 2.8 inches, especially for a feature phone. The other 1.44-inch display is on the other side of the external screen, which displays notifications, like text messages and incoming calls.

The eTalk has VoLTE support – the most reliable 4G LTE network. You can also use the Mobile Hotspot, set up a VPN, and use Bluetooth.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Feature phones are famous for their long-lasting batteries, and the eTalk is no exception. Thanks to its 1,500mAh removable battery, this flip phone can last for 8.4 hours. This allows you to use it the whole day without having to charge it. It also offers 5 to 6 days of standby time.

Classic Flip Design and Ergonomic Built

The Kazuna eTalk is a flip phone, which makes it far more compact and lightweight than regular smartphones. It has a black casing with smoothly rounded edges, providing extra comfort.

Like all flip phones, it has an element of privacy, since no one can see your screen. It also comes with buttons. While many prefer touchscreens, some enjoy non-touchscreen phones, since they’re often easier to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes the Kazuna eTalk Phone?

The eTalk is Verizon’s product.

Does the Kazuna eTalk Have Bluetooth?

Yes, the Kazuna eTalk has Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity. To turn it on, simply go to “Tool & Settings,” then to “Wireless & Networks.” You’ll find the Bluetooth option there.

Customer Reviews

“I got this phone for my mom since she doesn’t know how to use smartphones. She loves it! It’s very easy to use, and it lasts for days.”

“I prefer feature phones with buttons to touchscreens, so the Kazuna eTalk was a great option for me. It has all the functions I use on a daily basis.”

“I love flip phones, and I’m pleased with the Kazuna eTalk. It’s small and lightweight, so I can easily carry it around with me the whole day.”

Additional Information

Weight.32 lbs
Dimensions2.28 × .67 in
2G Bands/Frequencies

B2 (1900), B5 (850)

3G Bands/Frequencies

B2 (1900 PCS), B5 (850)

4G LTE Bands/Frequencies

B2, B13 (700 c), B4 (1700/2100 AWS 1), B5 (850)

Android Operating System

Battery Power

Charging Port Type

Micro USB

Carrier Branding



Like New



Hours of Battery Life

Internal Memory

4 GB


MicroSD Card Slot

Model Number


Phone Style

Rear Camera Resolution

2 MP

Removable Battery


Resolution Size

Screen Size

Unlocked Status


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