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Introducing the Mr Aberthon Honeywell CT60-L1N-BFP211E, a specialized variation of the Honeywell CT60 XP, this mobile computer combines rugged durability with advanced features, providing a reliable solution tailored for demanding industrial environments.

  • Integration: Android GMS for seamless app integration on the CT60-L1N-BFP211E.
  • Connectivity: WWAN supports fast wireless communication and real-time data access.
  • Scanning: 1D/2D Flex Range Imager N6803 for precise barcode scanning in diverse industries.
  • Storage and Imaging: 4GB/32GB memory and a 13MP camera cater to various business needs on the CT60-L1N-BFP211E.
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Product Description

Honeywell CT60 XP Overview and Summary

The Honeywell CT60-L1N-BFP211E is a remarkable version of the CT60 XP, known for its user-friendly features and powerful specifications. With Android GMS, it ensures a smooth experience and compatibility with various applications. The inclusion of WWAN and Wi-Fi enables reliable and fast wireless communication, facilitating real-time data access for efficient work.

A standout feature is the 1D/2D Flex Range Imager N6803, enhancing barcode scanning accuracy for different industries. With 4GB/32GB memory, a 13MP camera, and Bluetooth 5.0, the device provides ample storage, high-quality imaging, and efficient wireless connectivity. The standard battery ensures the CT60-L1N-BFP211E is ready for on-the-go business operations.

Additionally, the device supports NFC technology for convenient tasks like data transfer or contactless payments. It complies with Atex and Etsi standards, ensuring safety and compatibility with industry regulations. In summary, the Honeywell CT60-L1N-BFP211E is an impressive device, combining user-friendly features, powerful specifications, and industry compliance for businesses with diverse needs.

Reviews of the Honeywell CT60 XP

⭐⭐⭐Dependable Mobility: “The Honeywell CT60-L1N-BFP211E ensures reliable mobility with its durable design, making it a trustworthy choice for businesses on the go.”

⭐⭐⭐Real-time Connectivity: “With advanced wireless features, it keeps us connected in real-time, ensuring good communication and access to data.”

⭐⭐⭐Persistent Performance: “Enjoy consistent high performance, and handling data-intensive tasks and multiple applications easily.”

⭐⭐⭐Flex Range Data Capture: “Excels in data capture with its flexible 1D/2D Flex Range Imager N6803, allowing precise barcode scanning across various distances.”

⭐⭐⭐Disinfectant Ready: “Designed for hygiene, the Honeywell CT60-L1N-BFP211E is ready for frequent disinfecting, ensuring a clean and safe device for industries with strict cleanliness standards.”

Popular Accessories

Comes with Docks and Cradles, making charging and data transfer hassle-free. These accessories guarantee the device is constantly prepared for use and enhance communication between the Honeywell CT60-L1N-BFP211E and other devices, ultimately increasing overall productivity.

The Power Device for the Honeywell CT60-L1N-BFP211E offers reliable and continuous power, ensuring uninterrupted usage. This essential accessory is crucial for maintaining the device’s power throughout demanding workdays, solidifying its reliability in various industries.

Final Thoughts

The Honeywell CT60 XP is an exceptional device, combining user-friendly features with powerful specifications. Accessories like Docks and Cradles streamline charging and data transfer, and the essential Power Device ensures continuous usage. Its robust design makes it a reliable choice for industries needing consistent and efficient operations.

For the best performance from your Honeywell CT60-L1N-BFP211E, reach out to Mr Aberthon’s mobile computer experts. Their knowledge can optimize the device, making it a valuable asset for improved productivity in your business operations. Don’t hesitate – contact Mr Aberthon today for expert guidance.

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