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Discover the Mr Aberthon: Getac TD98I44A51X9, a specialized version of the Getac T800 G2 mobile computer, crafted to provide exceptional performance and reliability tailored for various business demands.

  • Efficient performance with Intel Atom Processor x7-Z8750.
  • Clear visibility in various lighting conditions with an 8.1″ Sunlight Readable LCD touchscreen and Digitizer 2.0.
  • Robust operating system with Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, providing familiarity and security.
  • Smooth multitasking and ample storage capacity with 8GB RAM and 256GB eMMC.
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Product Description

Getac T800 G2 Overview and Summary

The Getac TD98I44A51X9, a special version of the Getac T800 G2, is a cool device for many reasons. First, it has a smart brain called the Intel Atom Processor x7-Z8750, making it work fast and efficiently. The 8.1-inch screen is super clear, even in bright sunlight, and you can touch it like a phone or use a special pen with Digitizer 2.0.

It’s like having a mini-camera because it has a Webcam and an 8M Rear Camera. This is handy for taking pictures or video calls. With Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, it’s like having a computer that many people are familiar with. Plus, it has a good amount of memory (8GB RAM) and storage space (256GB eMMC) so it can do lots of things without slowing down. The Getac TD98I44A51X9 also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, like your phone, so it can connect to the internet and other devices easily.

This device is like a super helper because it also has 4G LTE, which is like having fast internet everywhere, and GPS, like a built-in map. The US Power cord keeps it charged, and it even has a Passthrough, making it easy to connect to other devices. All these cool features make the Getac TD98I44A51X9 great for different jobs, and it’s like having a smart, powerful friend that goes with you everywhere!

Reviews of the Getac T800 G2

⭐⭐⭐The Getac TD98I44A51X9 stands out as the perfect companion for professionals on the go, especially for those requiring a tablet for vehicle use during work. Whether you need to access documents or applications while in transit, the TD98I44A51X9 excels with its car chargers and mounts, providing a seamless and secure solution for productivity on the road. The inclusion of dedicated accessories ensures that the tablet is not just a device but a tailored tool for professionals in various industries.

⭐⭐⭐In the demanding field of construction, durability is important, and the Getac TD98I44A51X9 meets the challenge. Designed to withstand the rigors of a job site, this tablet is engineered not to break, even in the event of an accidental drop. Its robust construction ensures that it remains functional and reliable, providing construction professionals with a rugged and dependable device that can endure the harsh conditions of their work environment.

⭐⭐⭐The Getac TD98I44A51X9 enhances user convenience with its side key button, strategically placed at the fingertips’ side. This feature provides quick and easy access to essential functions, streamlining user interactions and increasing efficiency. Whether you’re in the field, at a job site, or on the move, the TD98I44A51X9’s thoughtful design ensures that crucial operations are within easy reach, minimizing disruptions and enhancing overall usability.

⭐⭐⭐The Getac TD98I44A51X9 goes above and beyond as a fully rugged device with military 810G certification and IP65 rating, ensuring superior durability and protection against environmental elements. Tested for a 6-foot drop, this tablet is built to withstand the harshest conditions, making it an ideal choice for users in the military, field services, or any demanding work setting. The TD98I44A51X9’s rugged design guarantees reliability and performance, even in challenging and unpredictable situations.

Popular Accessories

Getac TD98I44A51X9 Battery, are super popular because they keep the device powered up and ready to use. The battery is like the heart of the device, giving it the energy it needs to work all day long. This is especially important when you’re on the go and need your device to stay charged, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power in the middle of an important task. The Getac TD98I44A51X9 Battery is like a reliable sidekick, ensuring that your T800 G2 is always ready for action.

Getac TD98I44A51X9 AC Adapter. This is like the device’s power source at home or in the office. It’s a smart way to charge the T800 G2 and keep it ready for use. The AC Adapter is handy when you’re not using the device but want to make sure it’s fully charged for the next time you need it. Together, the Getac TD98I44A51X9 Battery and AC Adapter make a perfect team, providing the T800 G2 with the power it needs for both on-the-go and at-home use.

Final Thoughts

The Getac TD98I44A51X9 is an amazing device, like a speedy and familiar portable computer. It has a clear 8.1-inch touchscreen, an Intel Atom Processor for quick performance, and a Webcam for video calls. With 256GB storage and 8GB RAM, it’s great for multitasking, and its connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth make it well-connected.

For those intrigued by the Getac TD98I44A51X9, seeking guidance from Mr Aberthon is a smart move. As mobile computer experts, they can provide personalized advice on maximizing the device’s capabilities for specific business needs.

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