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Introducing Datalogic 943500036, a mobile computing solution and variation of the Datalogic Skorpio X5, designed to offer businesses advanced capabilities and dependable performance in various operational environments.

  • Powerful 2D Imager for efficient barcode scanning.
  • Versatile 38-key Keypad for enhanced input and navigation.
  • Android 10 operating system for a modern and user-friendly experience.
  • Durable IP65 rating, ensuring resistance to dust and water, suitable for challenging environments.
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Product Description

Datalogic Skorpio X5 Overview and Summary

The Datalogic 943500036 is a super cool version of the Datalogic Skorpio X5, and here’s why it’s so awesome! First off, it has a fancy 2D Imager that helps it scan barcodes well. So, if you’re in a store or a warehouse, it can quickly and accurately read those barcodes, which is super handy for keeping track of things.

Another cool thing is the 38-Key Keypad – it’s like having a mini keyboard. This makes it easy to type and navigate through the device. And guess what? It runs on Android 10, which is the same system as many popular smartphones. So, if you’re used to a smartphone, using this device is going to be a breeze!

Now, let’s talk about how tough it is. The Datalogic 943500036 is like a superhero because it has an IP65 rating, which means it can handle dust and water like a champ. Plus, it comes in a gun shape, making it easy to hold, and it can scan things at a standard range. The display is a good size at 4.3 inches, and it even has Bluetooth, so it can connect to other devices. Oh, and don’t forget the Green Spot – it’s like a little green light that shows you when it scans something successfully. Lastly, it has an extended battery life, so it can keep going for a long time. Overall, it’s like a smart and tough helper for all kinds of jobs!

Popular Accessories

Datalogic 943500036 Power Device is a must-have accessory to ensure uninterrupted usage. It serves as a reliable power source, ensuring that the Skorpio X5 stays charged and ready for use throughout the day. This is especially beneficial for users who rely on their devices for extended periods in various work environments, providing them with the confidence that their Skorpio X5 will remain operational without interruptions.

Datalogic 943500036 Carrying and Protective Accessories are highly sought-after. These accessories, whether it’s a protective case or a carrying holster, offer a convenient and secure way to transport the Skorpio X5. They protect the device from scratches, bumps, and other potential damages, ensuring it remains in optimal condition. These carrying and protective accessories add to the device’s longevity, making them indispensable for users who prioritize safeguarding their Skorpio X5 while maintaining flexibility and ease of use in various situations.

Final Thoughts

The Datalogic 943500036 is a powerful and versatile device, featuring a robust 2D Imager, a versatile 38-Key Keypad, and running on Android 10. With an IP65 rating for durability, a gun form factor for ergonomic use, and essential features like a 4.3-inch display and Bluetooth connectivity, the Skorpio X5 is a reliable mobile computing solution.

Exploring the Datalogic Skorpio X5? Reach out to Mr Aberthon for expert insights on unlocking its full potential and picking the perfect accessories customized for your business. Elevate efficiency with their specialized knowledge!

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