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The Alcatel SmartFlip is a perfect choice for a budget-friendly flip phone with something more. The SmartFlip 4052R connects you to the internet with fast 4G LTE speeds. Capabilities range from GPS, checking your email, browsing the web, and updating your calendar on the go. Pre-loaded Google Assistant voice to text helps with sending off quick messages. Incoming calls and text messages can be viewed on the external display without having to open up the phone. The Alcatel SmartFlip is a modern-day flip phone that acts like a smartphone.

Product Highlights:

  • HD Voice, Real-Time-Text (RTT), and hearing aid compatible
  • User removable battery 1350mAh
  • Supports VoLTE
  • Color: Volcano Black
  • Sim Type: Nano
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    Product Description

    Alcatel SmartFlip is a budget-friendly phone that’s perfect for seniors or as an additional work phone. The SmartFlip is simple and reliable, featuring an ergonomic design and great connectivity options. This phone offers all the basic features you expect for this price and even more, including a camera, radio, internet connection, file storage, and sharing. 

    Alcatel SmartFlip Specs 

    Alcatel SmartFlip Open Back View In HandAlcatel SmartFlip offers the utmost comfort thanks to an ergonomic design and ultra-large backlit keys. A 2.8-inch LCD provides a crisp and vivid picture readable even under direct sunlight. The font size is adjustable to accommodate people with compromised vision. As there’s no touchscreen, Alcatel SmartFlip is also a great choice for professionals working in harsh environments involving liquids or requiring gloves. Dual mic with noise-cancellation and hearing aid compatibility enhances the communication quality.

    The device features 4 gigabytes of RAM that supports multitasking and up to 32-gigabyte microSD card support for file storage. A powerful 1350mAh battery ensures up to eight hours of talk time and 350 hours standby, enough for a whole day away from home. The two-megapixel rear camera with a fixed focus allows you to capture the best moments.

    Alcatel SmartFlip supports 3G and 4G bandwidth frequencies, so you can browse the web wherever you go using Wi-Fi or mobile data. With Bluetooth 4.1, you can share files with friends and family. Built-in radio and 3.5-millimeter headphone jack brighten up your walks. Also, Google assistant is pre-downloaded to help with making calls, booking appointments, and much more.


    Alcatel SmartFlip Closed Side View

    Which Carriers Does Alcatel SmartFlip Support?

    This device is locked to AT&T. Please contact them to select a phone plan that suits your needs and budget. Furthermore, you may be able to use the phone outside of the US. Please contact your provider to confirm compatibility. We ship to Canada in two to seven business days.

    Can I Extend the Device’s Battery Life?

    Although Alcatel SmartFlip offers an impressive battery life, you may need to extend it further during travel or power outage. That’s possible, as the device’s battery is removable. By purchasing a suitable replacement, you can ensure a twice longer usage time. The replacement Alcatel SmartFlip battery is the TLi013C1 1350mAh battery.

    Which Senior-Friendly Features Does Alcatel SmartFlip Offer?

    Alcatel SmartFlip is the perfect phone for seniors. Ultra-large keys and a bright screen make texting and dialing easy, even in low-light environments. The device is hearing-aid compatible and features dual-mic with noise cancellation, so the second person will hear you just as clearly. Lastly, the interface is intuitive, and the phone doesn’t require a professional setup.

    What People Say

    Alcatel SmartFlip Close Up Open Front View

    I could never get my 88-year-old mother to get a smartphone, which we could use for video calls with the grandkids. I replaced her old flip phone with this phone. She has memory issues, so I was concerned that it would take her a while to get used to it since the buttons for the speakerphone and mute were different. She was able to use it right away and said it was much easier to use, the buttons were bigger, and the speakerphone was easier to find.”

    “Very well integrated with Google Assistant. Look up stuff, write a text, better than Alexa. Just hold the OK button.

    Super simple phone for my senior dad to use. Large keys and font for ease of reading, speed dial options, and the volume are great so that he can hear the ringing and the person on the other end. Highly recommend.

    Additional Information

    Weight.32 lbs
    Dimensions4.25 × 2.17 × .85 in
    4G LTE Bands/Frequencies

    B2 (1900 PCS)

    3G Bands/Frequencies

    B2 (1900 PCS), B5 (850), B8 (900)

    Battery Power

    Charging Port Type

    Micro USB 2.0

    GSM or CDMA


    Hours of Battery Life

    Internal Memory

    2 GB

    MicroSD Card Slot

    Model Number


    Phone Style

    Rear Camera Resolution

    2 MP

    Resolution Size

    Screen Size



    Removable Battery



    Brand New

    Unlocked Status


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