Rugged Mobile Devices

Made to last long past the typical lifetime of a device, these unlocked and brand new rugged phones and hotspots are build like tanks. They will withstand whatever nature and its elements throw at them and have certification to show for it. Buying such a device means truly feeling secure.

  • LG X Venture (Unlocked, Like New)

    The X Venture is LG’s foray into more rugged smartphones. Whilst not full-on rugged, it does go further than standard phones. It also carries a host of features that make it a real competitor in the marketplace. The LG X Venture achieved a Mr. Aberthon ranking of 9.5/10

    Product Highlights

    • Unlocked to AT&T, T-Mobile and Select Prepaid GSM Supported Carriers (Please call your network provider for further assistance to confirm its compatibility.)
    • 32GB internal memory, Micro SD card slot as well
    • Octa-core processor
    • Screen size 5.2″

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