Flip Phones

Safely hidden away, flip phones screens are more protected then ever. These unlocked devices are simple phones, easy to use yet uncompromising on standards.
Mr Aberthon sells brand new flip phones to help keep things as they always were. Owning such a phone gives you reliable and secure method of contact to your loved ones.

  • Samsung Gusto 2 (Unlocked, Brand New Verizon Wireless)

    The Samsung Gusto 2 is designed to be ultra user-friendly. It is Verizon branded and is unlocked to use on any CDMA network such as those run by Page Plus, TracFone and US Cellular or their subsidiaries. However, if you will be using a sub-company to Verizon such as those listed above OR if you would like to use it as a Verizon prepaid device, please contact your network provider prior to purchasing to ensure it will be supported.

    Unlike the other devices on Mr Aberthon, this phone will not work on GSM networks. 

    There is no SIM card slot on this device.

    The Gusto 2 is fully covered under our 14 Day Returns Policy.

    Product Highlights

    • Unlocked to Verizon, Page Plus, TracPhone, US Mobile, Straight Talk or US Cellular networks
    • 0.064 GB internal memory
    • Weights 3.9 oz
    • Feature phone

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