Unlocked Mobile Phones

View our collection of unlocked and brand new phones. Each device has been carefully selected to ensure that it fills the perfect purpose for our customers. Our collection of phones are made up of flip-phones, top rugged phones and the latest smart-phones on the market. Thumbs Up The mobile device are all unlocked for all GSM networks and covered by the Mr Aberthon 14 day return policy, no questions asked.

All the phones on our website are Unlocked and Brand New, unless stated otherwise.

  • Samsung Gusto 3 (Verizon Prepaid, Brand New)

    The Samsung Gusto 3 is a flip top phone from the largest cell phone manufacturer around. Easy enough for anyone to use, and built to last, the Gusto 3 is an excellent choice for an everyday phone, or a first dip into mobile phones. The Samsung Gusto 3 is covered by our 14, No Hassle Returns Policy and achieved a Mr Aberthon ranking of 9.4/10.

    Product Highlights

    • Locked with Verizon prepaid devices and plans only
    • Clam-shell style
    • 2G
    • 1.3 MP Camera
  • Kyocera Dura XV Plus (Verizon Prepaid, Brand New)

    The Kyocera Dura XV Plus is a rugged flip phone from the kings of rugged phones. With military grade protection, and unique sonic receiver for the ultimate clarity during calls in any environment, the Dura XV Plus is the next step in tough phones for work and play.

    The Kyocera Dura XV Plus is fully covered by our unbeatable 14 Day Returns Policy, and achieved a Mr Aberthon ranking of 9.5/10.

    Product Highlights

    • Locked to Verizon prepaid only
    • Flip Phone style
    • 2 Screens
    • Extremely Rugged – IP68 and MIL-STD 810G
  • Samsung Gusto 2 (Unlocked, Brand New Verizon Wireless)

    The Samsung Gusto 2 is designed to be ultra user-friendly. It is Verizon branded and is unlocked to use on any CDMA network such as those run by Page Plus, TracFone and US Cellular or their subsidiaries. However, if you will be using a sub-company to Verizon such as those listed above OR if you would like to use it as a Verizon prepaid device, please contact your network provider prior to purchasing to ensure it will be supported.

    Unlike the other devices on Mr Aberthon, this phone will not work on GSM networks. 

    There is no SIM card slot on this device.

    The Gusto 2 is fully covered under our 14 Day Returns Policy.

    Product Highlights

    • Unlocked to Verizon, Page Plus, TracPhone, US Mobile, Straight Talk or US Cellular networks
    • 0.064 GB internal memory
    • Weights 3.9 oz
    • Feature phone

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