Phone Batteries

Mr Aberthon is excited to announce our selection of phone batteries available for purchase directly on our website. If you are interested in a bulk order, please contact us.

  • Alcatel TLi013C1 battery

    Alcatel Replacement Battery TLi013C1 1350mAh

    Mr. Aberthon offers an original Alcatel TLi013C1 OEM replacement battery for the Alcatel QuickFlip 4044SmartFlip 4052, and Go Flip! An extra battery means you never have to put your life on hold to wait for your phone to charge!

  • LG BL-41ZH Front View

    LG Replacement Battery BL-41ZH 1820mAh

    LG BL-41ZH replacement battery for LG Leon. Help restore the initial performance of your phone with a brand new battery!

  • LG BL-44E1F

    LG Replacement Battery BL-44E1F 3200mAh

    LG BL-44E1F replacement battery for LG V20 H910, H918, V995, LS997

  • LG Bl-45A1H Front View

    LG Replacement Battery BL-45A1H 2300mAh

    LG BL-44E1F replacement battery for LG K10 K425, K420, K410, K428

  • LG BL-45E1F Front View

    LG Replacement Battery BL-45F1F 2500mAh

    LG BL-45F1F replacement battery for LG Phoenix 3. Keep a replacement battery close by to make sure your phone always stays connected!

  • LG BL-46ZH Front View

    LG Replacement Battery BL-46ZH 2045mAh

    LG BL-46ZH replacement battery for LG K7 AS330 and Tribute 5. A new battery can help with your phone performance!

  • Samsung Battery EB-BG360CBU

    Samsung Replacement Battery EB-BG360CBU 2000mAh

    Samsung EB-BG360CBU genuine replacement battery for the Galaxy Core Prime G360. Keeping a spare battery close by helps you go from low battery to 100% with a simple swap! You can also restore your phones initial performance by swapping out an old battery that doesn’t hold charge.

  • Samsung EB-530BBU

    Samsung Replacement Battery EB-BG530BBU 2600mAh

    Samsung EB-BG530BBU genuine replacement battery for the Galaxy Grand Prime and the Galaxy J3! If your phone is losing charge quickly, a replacement lithium ion battery will do the trick.

  • Samsung EB-BG900BBU

    Samsung Replacement Battery EB-BG900BBU 2800mAh

    Samsung EB-BG900BBU is a genuine replacement battery for the Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S5 Active and the Galaxy S5 Sport. This battery is a lithium ion designed to be the most compatible with S5 models and deliver long lasting power.

  • Samsung EB-L1D7IBA

    Samsung Replacement Battery EB-L1D7IBA 1850mAh

    Samsung EB-L1D7IBA genuine replacement battery for the Galaxy S2 i727, T989 and Nexus SPH-L700. Using Lithium ion batteries helps ensure that you get the best performance possible from your phone! This battery if NFC equipped to help your phone to communicate with other devices.

  • Samsung EB-L1G6LLA

    Samsung Replacement Battery EB-L1G6LLA 2100mAh

    Samsung EB-L1G6LLA genuine replacement battery for the Samsung Galaxy S3. This battery is NFC enabled to help with communication with other devices equipped with NFC technology. This lithium ion battery aids in giving your phone the best performance possible!

  • Sonim BAT-03180-01S Front View

    Sonim XP5 Replacement Battery BAT-03180-01S 3180mAh

    Sonim BAT-03180-01S OEM replacement battery for Sonim XP5 Ultra Rugged, follow the link for the device! Keep a spare battery around to make sure that you never have to go offline!

  • LG BL-51YF Back View

    LG Replacement Battery BL-51YF 3000mAh

    LG replacement battery BL-51YF for the LG G4 Stylo!

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