Unlocked Mobile Hotspots

The mobile hotspot devices on our website are all Brand New and Unlocked. They are not restricted to any network, and will work with all GSM network within the USA. Use your mobile hotspot to access internet on-the-go. Hotspots are small enough to fit in your pocket, but powerful enough to bring internet to many devices.

We stand behind our products. All of the hotspot devices our covered by our 14 Day Warranty.

  • Coolpad Surf Front View

    Coolpad Surf (Unlocked, Brand New)

    Here at Mr.Aberthon, we are now offering the Coolpad Surf mobile hotspot. The Surf mobile hotspot can connect up to 15 devices at once. The Coolpad Surf CP331A has a fantastic standby time of up to 48 hours and a usage time of 5.3 hours of LTE.

    Product Highlights:

    •  Single-Core 1.3GHz
    • MDM9207
    • 802.11 b/g/n
    • IP Rating: IP52


  • ZTE Z64 Front View

    ZTE Z64 Mobile Hotspot (Locked, Used)

    The ZTE Z64 is Locked to T-mobile! This hotspot has 4G (not LTE) connectivity. It can connect upto 8 devices at once!

    Product Highlights:  

    • GSM/EDGE/3G/4G: 850/1900
    • Stand by time of 100 hours
    • Micro USB
  • Alcatel Link Zone Front View

    Alcatel Link Zone Mobile Hotspot (Unlocked, Brand New)

    The Alcatel Link Zone is GSM unlocked. This mobile hotspot can connect up to 15 different device at once! The Link zone supports WPS and WPA2-PSK and LTE Network bands 2,4,12.

    Product Highlights:

    • Standby time of 35 hours
    • 1800mAh battery
    • Supports up to 32 GB MicroSD
  • ZTE Falcon Tilted Front View

    ZTE Falcon (Unlocked, Brand New)

    Looking to purchase a simple mobile hotspot? The ZTE Falcon is an easy to use mobile hotspot without all the bells and whistles. On the other hand, you can connect up to 10 devices with this hotspot!

    Product Highlights:

    • 256 MB RAM
    • 2000mAh battery
    • 150MBPS

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