• Netgear NightHawk MR1100 Mobile Router (Unlocked, Like New)

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    Netgear Nighthawk M1 MR1100 is a fabulous LTE Mobile router that can run up to 24 hours straight. It can support up to 20 devices simultaneously and supports download speeds of 1 Gbps, the first of its kind. The Nighthawk has a battery life of 16 hours, depending on usage. This hotspot can easily replace a Wi-Fi router and it has an ethernet port. Additionally, the Netgear Nighthawk has built-in parental controls to help monitor internet usage.

    Product Highlights

    • Unlocked to AT&T, T-Mobile and Select Prepaid GSM Supported Carriers (Please call your network provider for further assistance to confirm its compatibility.)
    • Connects to 20 devices simultaneously
    • Speed of 4G LTE Cat. 16 Gigabit
    • Size: 4.15 in x 4.15 in x 0.8 inch thick

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