Gold iPhone case with diamonds

Top 11 Most Expensive Phone cases

Phone cases are one of those things which you will tolerate or hate. Few people actually love putting a case on their shiny new smartphone, but do anyway. Many have already felt the pain, of course, of seeing a screen smashed from a 6 inch drop onto a silk cushion. But all phone cases are not created equal. Some go a bit further than the rest and add the odd bit of sparkle. Here are the most expensive phone cases. Brace yourself, because this escalates quickly.

Miniot Wood – $160

Miniot Wood iPhone Case

We’re going to backtrack on our previous statement a bit. Miniot’s wooden iPhone cases are only ridiculous in so much as they are ridiculously lovely. Choose from a range of different woods to suit your mood or your home, and you won’t be disappointed. The classiest case in our list, by some distance, and probably one of the best looking available at any price.

Swarovski Crystal Case – $240

Swarovski Crystal iPhone Case

One of the cheapest in our list at “only” $240, this creation from swarovski is covered by a multitude of different crystals. Described as “unique and classy”, we’ll defer to it being unique, but classy? Well, we can’t say we’re convinced about that. However, swarovski is a name with some gravitas, so there is that.

Gucci Crocodile Case – $495

Gucci Crocodile iPhone Case

What’s that you say? Nobody should pay nearly $500 for an iPhone case? If you think that, then it’s best if you stop reading right here. It’s difficult to be a fan of any exotic animal skin products, as there’s no real guarantee the leather has been ethically sourced. However, crocodile is more water resistant than cow leather, as you might expect. Thing is, for 500 bucks, it isn’t really particularly good looking.

Intrinsically Safe Cell Phone Case ATEX Zone 2 – $745

Intrinsically Safe Phone Case

While this phone case is considered very expensive, there is a practical use for it. The Intrinsically Safe cell phone case is for the hard working person. This rugged phone case will protect your iPhone XS from shocks, drops and vibrations. This case has an IP rating of IP68, it can survive being submerged in more than a meter of water. In the event that the Zone 2 classification is not quite enough, you can ship your device for a Class 1 Division 2 certification label. They will install the case and ship out the certificate free of charge! But still this is not one of the most expensive phone cases.

Dolce and Gabbana Iguana – $895

Dolce and Gabbana Iguana

Thankfully, our second designer brand case doesn’t use real Iguana skin, instead using a scored calfskin. The nature motifs made from gold and colored gemstones make it all very Art Nouveau, and very pretty. As with many cases in this list, you could never just put it down on its back, for fear of damaging it. Still, at $895, it’s about the price of a new iPhone so make your own minds up.

Gresso Titanium Edition – $4000-5000

Gresso Titanium Edition iPhone Case

At the mid-range of this list, the Gresso titanium is available in two colors, grey and black. Made to fit the iPhone (we’re sensing a trend here) 8, 8+ and X, only 999 of each color will be available. When you buy one of these, it will have a corresponding sequence number. So there you are, a metal iPhone case for 5 grand. I wish we were making this up.

Lux iPhone X Ingot 250 – $70,000

Lux iPhone X Ingot 250 iPhone Case

Made for the iPhone X, from 250 grams of 22K gold, you can actually order these online. Just so’s you know before you whip out the old credit card, gold is soft. And 22 karat gold is really soft. What this means is that it will scratch easier than a kitten chasing your finger. Put it in a pocket with a few pennies in change, and it’ll come out looking like someone has taken a wire brush to it. Just saying. One of the most expensive phone cases but not as durable as we would hope.

Goldgenie Donald Trump Case – $151,000

Goldgenie Donald Trump Case

A true, one-of-a-kind iPhone case. Made of the purest 24K gold and emblazoned with the face of Donald Trump, the design was requested from Goldgenie by a single customer. The Apple logo and edges of the case are studded with diamonds, and the case has the words “Limited Edition 1/1” engraved into it, demonstrating its uniqueness.

Buccellati iPhone case – $208,000

Buccellati iPhone case

Buccellati are just about the biggest name in Italian jewelry. Their designs are known for their bold and colorful approach and the use of yellow gold. Throw in a few diamond and white gold sunbursts and you have a unique case for your (yet again) iPhone. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but we like that Buccellati don’t seem to worry about that when they design anything. Oh, and if you want to complete the set, they have a matching iPad case at $485,000.

Anita Mai Tan Dragon and Spider – $880,000

Anita Mai Tan Dragon and Spider iPhone case

Yes, you read that right. Not far short of a million dollars for an iPhone case. You do have the choice between a dragon or spider case, if that helps. The dragon case, with the shape of the dragon embedded into the rear of the case, has 2200 diamonds. These are of various colors and weigh a total of 32 carats. The spider has 2800 black and colorless diamonds weighing 38 carats.

Alexander Amosu – $2.7m

Alexander Amosu iPhone case

6000 diamonds, a gold embossed Alexander Amosu logo and, well that’s it. Not that you need any more for your 2.7 million dollars. In case it matters, you’ll need to get a move on if you want one. Only a strictly limited number are available for the iPhone 6. It’s not the bargain of the year, admittedly, but it would bring some serious bragging rights.

The iPhone Effect

In case it hasn’t occurred to you, every single one of the most expensive phone cases in our list is for an iPhone. We couldn’t find a single Android phone case which went much above $100, but why is that? Do manufacturers assume Apple users are gullible fools with deep pockets? Do they think Android users are cheap and want everything for free?

We’ll never really know but one thing is for certain. Anybody who can afford thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars for a phone case probably has more money that they need. Some in our list look nice, some not so much. Once you buy a new phone what then? A phone case doesn’t make a particularly attractive ornament.

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