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Understanding LG A380 Senior Mode

Although not technically advertised as such by LG, the A380 has a few nifty features built in which will suit older users perfectly. This fact, along with LG’s usual good looks, great build quality and long feature list makes the A380 the perfect flip-top feature phone for just about anybody who has neither the need nor the inclination to carry a smartphone.

LG A380 Slightly OpenContrast and Compare

One of the biggest complaints for anybody who might not have the stellar eyesight of their younger years is that they struggle to read the keys on their phone. The LG A380 combats this by using bold white characters on black keys. This system just happens to be the accepted definition of high-contrast for those who are visually impaired in any way.

The main screen is bright and colorful, and there is a secondary screen which is used when the phone is closed. The latter carries all the important information you need such as caller information and notifications.

If you are a close-up magician or Kenny Rodgers on a train bound for nowhere, you wouldn’t be unduly worried about the size or weight of the pack of cards in your purse or pocket. The same is with the A380. The double-decker airliner of the same name is quite big and heavy. Unlike that, this A380 is barely 4 x 2 inches. It is tiny, only ⅔ of an inch thick even when closed. It also weighs a fraction over 3 ½ ounces, and so won’t be dragging you down any time soon.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

In olde England, town criers used to shout the news in the town square every day. But these days, even the English do things a bit differently and so does the LG A380. Two of the biggest issues for those with hearing impairments when using cellphones are call audio volume and quality.

Man holding hand up to ear as if having trouble hearingTo combat the particular issue of audio quality, LG have incorporated an enhanced audio facility. They actually refer to as senior mode, fully recognizing the problem. We’d say that they deserve a lot of credit for trying to do something about it. The audio improvement is achieved by enhancing the higher frequencies. These are usually the first thing to be lost when a person’s hearing starts to deteriorate.

In addition to enhancing the standard audio, LG have also provided a text-to-speech facility. Therefore, incoming texts can be read out loud in times when you may not have your reading glasses.

Everything Else

The LG A380 has a 1.3MP camera and can record video. It also has GPS and Bluetooth for connection to compatible accessories or for use with in-car Bluetooth systems. A MicroSD card slot will take up to 32GB cards for masses of extra storage if it’s needed. You will also get 3.4hrs of talk time or 261hrs of standby on a single charge. The crucial thing to remember is that you don’t have all the things that drain a smartphone battery going on with the LG A380. So, unless you’re a prolific talker, the battery should last quite a while.

3G connectivity is available if you do want to do a little bit of browsing from time to time.

The LG A380 has features clearly aimed at older users or those with impairments, but it’s not just an “oldies” phone. There’s plenty for everybody.

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