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November 24, 2017
Yellow Caterpilar Dump Truck

All About CAT Phones

Discover a world of the indestructible, a world in which it is normal to tough and durable. The CAT brand has been around for years, yet it is only recently that they have entered the realm of mobile phones. Their devices will blow your mind.
November 22, 2017
Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 xl being held - Google Preferred Care

Google Preferred Care

Discover the technology that Google has included into their latest device, the Pixel 2. They advertise that owners will have Googles Preferred Care always on hand to support and guide them. The question we will delve into, is if this claim will really make the difference that smartphone users wish for?
November 20, 2017
Catillac Speeding down a turn

Do Phone Manufacturers Have A “Style”?

Find out what it's like to live in a manufacturers mind for a moment in this wise article. Here we will take apart the industry and rebuilt it piece by piece. All that to answer our question of: do phone manufacturers build their devices to match certain groups of people or is for totally random clientele?
November 19, 2017
Tools on top of broken smartphone

Reviving A Broken Phone

Should have done, could have done. Yet what should you do now that your smartphone no longer responds to your touch? Thankfully, the manufacturers built in a back-up safety system that quite often avoids needing to kiss your device good-bye.
November 17, 2017
Hydro smartphone taking a plunge into water

Can Rice Save Your Smartphone?

Discover the dos and don'ts when your smartphone, or any electronic for that matter, drops into the swimming pool. There are rules to the game that makes it easier to play and abiding by them give you a much greater chance of keeping your device fully functional.
November 16, 2017
Hand lifting Samsung rugby 3 out of water

Samsung Rugby 4 Vs Samsung Rugby 3

Find out that rugged devices are for the tough, and you will be happy to buy one. Here we introduce the Rugby 3 and 4 that have a loyal fan base, believe it or not, who prefer them over the latest smartphones. What makes them each so special you will learn in this comparison.
November 15, 2017
Hand holding smartphone with Bixby open

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Bixby

Join the Samsung S8 user base and you will be introduced to Bixby not long after. It is the latest Samsung assistant that is programmed to make your life much much easier, or is it? Bixby is pretty great but something about it means it could have been much better.
November 13, 2017
Hand holding the iPhone X

The iPhone X

Is the iPhone X as great as they say it is or is it just another hype to help Apple get you to join their fan base? Find out the details that this device owns and whether its a smart idea to buy into the latest excitement.
November 9, 2017
Smartphone with App store open near ear buds on wood

How To Know If An App Is Safe

Learning about app safety is a must for everyone enjoying apps wherever they may be. Learn about the simple steps to take in order to keep yourself in check from those seeking to harm you or take your private data.
November 7, 2017
5 business people on their electronic devices

Smartphone Stats 2017

Curious about where you find yourself among the entire population of mobile device users? You are not alone, studies show. Therefore, we bring you the statistics of smartphone use and what the growing trends are.
November 5, 2017
Man jogging near bridge with armband smartphone

How To Wear Your Phone

Feeling stylish or not, you still need a way to carry your device close by when you run out for a jog. Here we delve into each of the traditional and not so traditional ways to wear your phone when you are out and about.
November 2, 2017
2 Flip Phones standing near each other on black

Flip Vs. Slide Out Vs. Candy Bar

Learn the difference and advantages to each of these three types of mobile device: the Flip Vs. Slide Out Vs. Candy Bar phones. They are all simple yet each do what they do best, depending on what your needs in a cell phone are.
October 31, 2017
Smartphone in vent car holder

In-Car Phone Holders

Driving through the country seems like a dream, until you realize your phone charger isn't compatible with your car nor do you have a way to see your GPS that is on your devices screen. These in car phone holders will keep the smartphones secure and some may even refill its charge.
October 29, 2017
Comparing the S7 and S7 edge over a table

S7 vs. S7 Edge

Comparing two of the same base device would make you wonder what you may have missed. Yet the Samsung S7 and S7 Edge do have slightly different specifications to them and for that alone you may prefer one over the other. Read this post to learn everything there is to know about this comparison.
October 26, 2017
Man on his phone in the shadow of sunset

Protecting Your Smartphone From The Elements

Discover how to truly protect your smartphone from the weather with a very easy and cheap hack. You will also learn what the biggest threats your mobile device faces, things you may have never before considered.