Best Phones For The Money 2018

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In 2017, we saw the first $1000 dollar smartphones hitting the market. Although this is a little worrying for devices which, even allowing for development costs, probably cost half that or less, they are still the exception and not the rule. So don’t despair, instead take a look at phones which cost a lot less, and still do most of the same things.

These are what we believe to be among the best value phones you can buy.

Feature Phones and Smartphones

Don’t fall for the hype, not every cellphone user needs a smartphone. If your needs don’t stretch past texts and phone calls, with maybe some emailing and occasion limited browsing, a feature phone might be the answer. Feature phones have been around since the dawn of cellphones. Most used to be the compact candy bar style of the classic Nokia models like the 3310 but, more recently, flip phones have become the norm. Part of the reason is for durability. It’s harder to smash a screen that is folded away and protected. There’s no doubt that feature phones offer almost unbelievable value for money.

But, if you do want a fully featured smartphone, you don’t necessarily have to pay hundreds of dollars for it. There are plenty of options art a fraction of the price of a new iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9.

Flip Phones

LG B470 – $59 (GSM)

LG Have a long history of producing cellphones, and they haven’t simply abandoned feature phone users just to chase the smartphone dollar. The B470 has everything you’d want and expect from a feature phone, and often at a cut above the usual hardware specs.

Because most flip phones aren’t meant as social media devices, cameras are often limited to 0.3MP, but not here. The B470 has 1.3MP, which is more than enough for a device of this type. It has a nice, high contrast keypad, and all menus can be read aloud if needed. Such things are rare on general-appeal phones, so are a welcome addition. All in all, the LG B470 is a flip/feature phone that deserves real consideration

Nokia 6131 – $49 (GSM)

Nokia were, for a long time, the undisputed kings of the cellphone world. Although not quite as prominent today, they still have great phones like the 6131. As well as a 1.3MP camera, there’s a MicroSD card slot which will allow you to carry audio or other files with you. This sets it apart from most of its competition and will appeal to those who like music on the move.

Bluetooth is included, making it ideal for in-car systems, allowing handsfree operation. It also looks great, as all Nokia models do. The 6131 is fully worthy of the Nokia brand.

Samsung Gusto 2 – $39 (CDMA)

If we told you there was a great flip top feature phone available for $39, you’d laugh. If we then told you it was a Samsung, you’d probably run us out of town like lyin’, cheatin’ varmints. But here it is.

The Samsung Gusto 2 probably offers more bang for your buck than any other cellphone. A 1.3MP camera, bluetooth and even GPS make this a great choice. There’s also a battery which will give you 7 hours of talk time. The Gusto 2 is, simply,  a great phone.

LG B470 Opened front

LG B470

Nokia 6131 Flipped Open

Nokia 6131

Samsung Gusto 2 slightly Open

Gusto 2


HTC One X – $89 (GSM)

No, it isn’t a typo. You can really get an Android smartphone for $89. Not only that, but the One X sports a 4.7″ 720p HD display, 8MP and 1.3MP cameras and 720p HD video recording. It also has Beats Audio built in, for thumping bass lines and crystal clear audio.

Wi-Fi, bluetooth, GPS and even NFC are also included. The HTC One X is a stunning piece of hardware for an incredible price.

LG X Power – $149 (GSM)

Proof that value for money doesn’t mean the big names aren’t involved. The X Power Carries a list of features you might expect on phones costing 2 or 3 times as much. 8MP and 5MP cameras, 16GB storage expandable to 256GB  and a 720p HD display is just the start.

Hands-free selfies, Full HD video recording, a Quad Core processor and a huge 5.3″ screen add to the list of delights. 4G, Wi-Fi, bluetooth and GPS make up an impressive list of features. Fast charging which will fully charge the enormous 4000mAh battery in just 2.5 hours rounds of a quite stunning list. Frankly, if you can find better for the money, we’d like to see it.

Samsung J7 – $199 (GSM)

Samsung realized that they needed to appeal to people who didn’t have the budget for the flagship Galaxy range, and came up with the perfect solution. The J range is aimed squarely at the middle market, those who want good performance without paying cutting edge prices.

Many of the J7‘s features will astound when set against the cost of the phone. An 8 core processor, 16MP and 5MP cameras, a 5.5″ 720p SuperAMOLED display are features normally found much further up the scale, but here they are, and for less than 200 dollars. There’s a 3300mAh battery that gives 23(!) hours of talktime, too. This is a phone which looks great and performs even better.

HTC One X Front


LG X Power Front and Back

LG X Power

Samsung J7 White/Gold Front Tilted

Samsung J7

Rachel C.
Rachel C.
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