The Best Apps For Staying Healthy

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Actually, if we’re really honest, most of us could do with apps that get us healthy as much as helping us to stay healthy. So here we look at 5 apps that will do just that. There are apps here to help break the couch potato habit, to help push that little bit further, and more. The only downside to getting healthy is it takes a bit of effort on your part. Apart from the fact that most decent health-related apps aren’t free. Although we can’t make you get out of the chair, we have tried to keep this list to those apps that are free or low-cost.

You are your own gym appYou Are Your own Gym – $4.99

Millions of people the world over are paying gym memberships every month. Yet they haven’t been in one for as long as they can remember. One obvious way around this is to exercise at home, but that means finding a regime that works for you, which isn’t easy. Thankfully You Are Your Own Gym helps out by providing over 200 exercises that can be done absolutely anywhere, with minimal space and with no specialist equipment being required.

There are exercises to suit all levels, and routines can be built to push a little further as time goes by and your fitness level improves. The app also interacts with a (Free) add-on plugin – YAYOG Video Pack – which provides demonstrations of all the exercises in the main app.

It isn’t free, but it’s a small one-off payment and is a great starting point for anyone who wants to try and get fitter.

Samsung Health (Android Only) – Free

Most comprehensive fitness trackers require pairing with things like a Fitbit or other wearable fitness tracking equipment. But Samsung Health does it all on its own, and uses your phone as the tracking device. Within the app (with some input from you for some features) Samsung Health will keep an eye on your calorie and water intake and, steps taken and distanced traveled. It provides as well a comprehensive record of major body telemetrics for the Galaxy S3 and on.

The app does work with many Android phones assuming they have the necessary hardware, not just Samsung devices. But Samsung’s own devices are slightly better in tune with what the app can offer. It is free, though, and a very useful tool for monitoring your activity.

Meditation Studio – $3.99

Life is hard, sometimes, and a busy workload can affect how well you are able to relax at home. Meditation Studio helps to overcome the stresses of your life and can help promote restful sleep. It measuring healthy food with tape measurerwill aid to reduce anxiety, and just provide a general aid to helping you to relax and recharge. It also has exercises which help with pain management as well as improving everyday confidence. Best of all, it fits easily into even the busiest lifestyle.

The app is easy to navigate and simple to use. It costs less than 2 chugs of the caffeine that may well be adding to your problems.

Edo – $3.99

US law indicates that food manufacturers must supply basic nutritional information on all foods, such as calories, sugar levels etc. But these are often confusing, and what exactly does “per serving” mean? Edo helps out by providing all the useful information that manufacturers skilfully avoid making clear enough for anybody to understand.

Relax Melodies Screenshot of app

Simply scan a bar-code in the store and Edo will tell you a ton of information it. It will share how healthy it is and what additives are present. It will even help you to find the right products you need for weight loss or in case you have food intolerance or are vegetarian or vegan.

In short, Edo takes the guesswork out of eating yourself to health.

Relax Melodies – Free/$2.99 (ad-free and extra features)

It’s long been known that the right sounds can help us relax and drift off to sleep by refocusing our thoughts. They can stop our minds racing with the day we’ve had and the day to come tomorrow. Relax Melodies offer over 100 individual sounds which can be used in a mix to get the best method for you. There are also nearly 40 million users of the app around the world willing to share their own mixes to help you sleep easier and more peacefully.

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Rachel C.
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