Battle Of The Netgear Hotspots – Unite Explore Vs Unite Pro

Compare Unite Explore Vs Unite Pro

Battle Of The Netgear Hotspots - Unite Explore Vs Unite ProIt might unusual to be comparing two models from the same manufacturer, because they just have to be different by definition. Whilst true, and whilst one of them – the Explore – is more expensive, for a limited time only you can get the Explore at the heavily discounted rate of $149. This is just half of the recommended price, but act fast as we can’t hold this price forever.

So, you may be thinking, doesn’t it make it a no-brainer to choose the $300 Explore over the under $100 Pro, especially with only a $50 price difference? Not necessarily, as it happens. The Explore may well have features that you don’t need, and therefore don’t need to spend the extra money on. Whatever the outcome of both this battle and your eventual choice, these are two of the very best hotspots available, and either is worth every cent and more!

Unite Pro 781s Unite Explore
Price $99 $149*
Size (in) 4.41 x 2.68 x 0.75 4.5 x 2.8 x 0.79
Weight (oz) 5.82 6.3
Network GSM Unlocked GSM Unlocked
Compatibility 4G LTE, 3G 4G LTE, 3G, 2G
Battery Life (hrs) 16 22
Max Devices 15 15
Guest Access Yes Yes
Touch Screen Yes 2.4” Yes 2.4”
Ruggedized No Yes
Battery Boost Yes Yes
USB Charge Yes Yes

*Limited Time Offer Price

As you can see, on the face of it there’s not actually a lot to choose between the Pro and the Explore. The Pro is slightly smaller and slightly lighter, largely as a result of the Explore being ruggedized. If the word is new to you, occasionally manufacturers will come up with a device that has been toughened up to contend with harsher lifestyles in which phones and other mobile devices are at risk of damage or destruction. These are referred to as being ruggedized.

In this case, the Explore is MIL-STD 810G. This is a military standard which indicates the Explore can withstand dust, immersion in up to 6 feet of water for 30 minutes, is shock proof, can withstand rapid changes in temperature, is resistant to chemicals and much more. There is currently no higher ruggedized grading applied to mobile devices, so you know it’s as tough as old boots. However, if you don’t routinely expose your devices to extreme environments, the extra cost may not be worth it to you, and the Pro will fit your needs perfectly.

The other potentially significant difference is in the battery life. Quoted figures from Netgear have the Explore providing nearly 40% more power, in keeping with its ruggedized nature where charging points are likely to be available much less frequently. However, 16 hours is still a significant battery life for any mobile device. If you were to be online with your smartphone continuously, you’d likely get nowhere near 16 hours, so it is not to be sniffed at.

Both also have the Battery Boost feature, which means you can charge your smartphone directly from the hotspot, transferring the charge between devices. This is a very useful feature which may one day mean the hotspot pays for itself in an instant.

As we said above, both the Netgear Unite Explore and Unite Pro are terrific devices that will get you and your family online through a single data connection. If you are always worried about breaking your mobile devices, the Explore takes many of those worries away, and brings the extended battery life with it. But the Pro fits every technical need that the Explore does, at a lower price.

Ask yourself a simple question – “Will I be likely to break my hotspot?” If yes, then the Explore might be the better option. If no, then the Pro will do everything you need it to.